Put your pet on display—as a jack-o’-lantern!—with our easy-to-use DIY stencils and instructions.
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chocolate lab on deck with pumpkins
Credit: Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty

Let's face it. While dressing your pet in an adorable costume this Halloween will be tons of fun, it only lasts so long. A walk around the block as Bark Vader, a visit to your best friend dressed as Olaf, maybe a pet parade looking like Wonder Woman … It takes an hour or two, and you're done showing off for the season.

Unless you create a more lasting Halloween decoration that puts your pet front and center. A pumpkin carved with an image of your dog or cat will last the whole season. (And if you carve it from a fake pumpkin, you can use it year after year!)

Our free cat and dog pumpkin stencils make it easy to carve the face of your pet into a jack-o'-lantern that will glow from your window or porch. Whether your BFF is a German shepherd, a pug, an American shorthair cat, or another beloved breed, our DIY pet pumpkin stencils capture the magic of your favorite furry friend.

Just download and print the pumpkin carving stencil for your desired dog or cat breed, clean and hollow out your pumpkin, then transfer the stencil pattern onto the pumpkin and carve. You'll find step-by-step instructions right on the printout for each stencil.

If you don't find your pet's perfect match in this story, you can use a photo of your pet to create a custom pet pumpkin stencil to use for carving.

You and your pet will be ready to greet trick-or-treaters in no time.

australian shepherd sitting next to dog carved pumpkin
Credit: Brie Passano / Iris Images / GlobalP / Getty

Australian Shepherd Dog Pumpkin Stencil

As a herding breed, your Australian shepherd might be ready to round up all the neighborhood's ghosts and goblins this season. You can make sure your Aussie greets trick-or-treaters with her toothy grin when you carve her image into a pumpkin at your doorstep.

Our pattern combines areas where you carve all the way through the pumpkin, like this Aussie's nose, and areas where you only etch away the skin of the pumpkin, like the main part of her face. This gives your pumpkin a texture that closely resembles the wonderful dog's fur. 

Download the free stencil for an Australian shepherd pumpkin design.

Project designer: Kristin Cleveland

daschund pumpkin carving across two orange pumpkins
Credit: Brie Passano / Iris Images / Getty

Dachshund Dog Pumpkin Stencil

Sometimes one pumpkin just isn't enough to fully capture a pet's cuteness. This dachshund pumpkin carving stencil stretches across two pumpkins to emphasize the long weiner dog shape.

While doxies can be long-haired, wire-haired, or smooth coated, our example is the latter. The carved texture on his smooth coat comes from the effect of etching away the skin of the pumpkin in strips. 

If you prefer, you can stick to carving only the dachshund's face, with it's adorable pointed snout—which was originally used to flush out vermin from holes and dens.

Download the free stencil for a dachshund pumpkin design.

Project designer: Kristin Cleveland

boston terrier standing next to carved pumpkin of his face
Credit: Jay Wild

Boston Terrier Dog Pumpkin Stencil

Those ears! Those eyes! They can only belong to the beloved Boston terrier. Our stencil captures the excited energy of this breed.

Nicknamed "the American gentleman," a dapper Boston terrier will make the perfect greeter for all the trick-or-treaters that come to your door.

Download the free stencil for a Boston terrier pumpkin design.

German shepherd sitting next to orange carved pumpkin
Credit: Jay Wild

German Shepherd Dog Pumpkin Stencil

As one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S., the German shepherd has a lot of fans. Even in the White House. On our pumpkin stencil, the etched areas around the dog's nose and eyes create the two-tone fur effect that German shepherds are famous for. 

Does your new Halloween friend need a name? Check out this list of German shepherd names where you're sure to find a clever favorite.

Download the free stencil for a German shepherd pumpkin design.

maine coon cat sitting next to a white pumpkin carving of her face
Credit: Brie Passano / Iris Images / GlobalP / Getty

Maine Coon Cat Pumpkin Stencil

The largest domesticated cat breed, the Maine coon, gives us a lot to love. In real life, these family-friendly cats can weigh up to 40 pounds. On a pumpkin … they weigh a lot less. 

We've captured the Maine coon's heavy, shaggy coat in our stencil and incorporated a lot of etching to emphasize this beloved cat's furry texture.

Download the free stencil for a Maine coon cat pumpkin design.

Project designer: Kristin Cleveland

scottish terrier dog sitting next to carved orange pumpkin of a terrier face
Credit: Jay Wild

Scottish Terrier Dog Pumpkin Stencil

One of the most easily recognized dog breeds in the world, the Scottish terrier has distinctive whiskers that are essential in this pumpkin stencil design. You can re-create the Scottie's snout and beard on a pumpkin by carving away just the skin of the pumpkin in that area.

Pumpkin-carving tools or a set of wood-carving tools will help you get this look.

Download the free stencil for a Scottish terrier dog pumpkin design.

pug standing on an orange carved pumpkin of a pug face
Credit: Jay Wild

Pug Dog Pumpkin Stencil

Squishy-faced charmers, pugs were originally bred as lap dogs. While you probably won't sit with a pug-faced pumpkin on your lap, you can capture this dog's sweet demeanor with our free stencil design.

Our dog pumpkin stencil re-creates the pug's adorable bulgy eyes with a combination of carving and etching.

Download the free stencil for a pug dog pumpkin design.

jack russell terrier sitting next to a dog face pumpkin carving
Credit: Jay Wild

Russell Terrier Dog Pumpkin Stencil

Small dogs with big personalities, Russell terriers are adorably scruffy and endlessly endearing. The best way to get this smart, enthusiastic hunter to sit still? Make him a jack-o'-lantern! 

This stencil pattern captures the Russell's intelligent eyes by making them part of the design where the light from inside the pumpkin will shine the brightest.

Download the free stencil for a Russell terrier dog pumpkin design.

short hair cat sitting next to orange pumpkin carving of a cat face
Credit: Cris Cantón / IrisImages / Getty

American Shorthair Cat Pumpkin Stencil

In real life, American shorthair cats are pros at chasing rats and mice. Which seems especially appropriate for the Halloween season. But they can also be sweet and affectionate with their humans, which is a great reason to celebrate them with a carved pumpkin design.

Cutting all the way through the pumpkin ensures that your carved cat's eyes will glow just like the real thing. Perfect for an eerie Halloween eve.

Download the free stencil for an American shorthair pumpkin design

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