personalized ceramic bone Christmas ornament

20 Pet Christmas Ornaments To Celebrate Your Furry Friend This Holiday Season

Decorate your Christmas tree this year with these pawsitively perfect ornaments.
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Your pet holds a special place in your heart, which means it's only fitting an ornament with their name on it gets front-and-center placement on the Christmas tree. Yes, that ornament celebrating your daughter's graduation is important, but so is that paw-shaped ornament with a portrait of Fido's smiling face on it!

For many, buying new ornaments each year is a tradition to help commemorate the last year. And what better way to celebrate the most important member of the family than to hang up an ornament in their honor (after hanging their stocking on the mantle).

If this is not something you already do, this could be a great way to start a meaningful family tradition of getting a new pet ornament each Christmas to celebrate another year of your furry friend bringing joy into your life.

We've rounded up 20 of our favorite pet Christmas ornaments that represent the love we feel for our loyal four-legged friends. Pro-tip: Since some pets have a tendency to knock ornaments over with their excited tails, just make sure to place any breakable items toward the top of the tree so they can stay intact.

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Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Old World Christmas "I Love My Dog" Glass Tree Ornament

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We know you'll tell anyone who asks that you love your dog, so why not get an adorable ornament that spells it out right there on your tree? This hand-painted, mouth-blown glass ornament will surely sparkle against the lights and tinsel.

Shop Now: Old World Christmas "I Love My Dog" Glass Tree Ornament, $10;

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Old World Christmas Hamster Glass Tree Ornament

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Cats and dogs have a tendency to get all the attention, but let's not forget the smaller furry members of our family! Your hamster will squeak with joy when they see this glass ornament that looks just like them hanging on the tree.

Shop Now: Old World Christmas Hamster Glass Tree Ornament, $12;

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Peeking Around Tree Family with Face Masks Ornament

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There's no denying 2020 has been a rough year, but it would have been even harder without the love of our family and pets! Commemorate the year of face masks and social distancing with this ornament that can feature up to nine humans and two pets.

Shop Now: Peeking Around Tree Family with Face Masks Ornament, starting at $20;

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Frisco Personalized Plaid Paw Shape Metal Ornament

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If you took a stupendous photo of your pet this year, you can show it off on the Christmas tree with this custom ornament. Bonus: it's made of metal, so it'll be near impossible for your pet to break if they wag their tails against the tree.

Shop Now: Frisco Personalized Plaid Paw Shape Metal Ornament, $15;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Custom Dog Ornament Made from Photo

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Capture the personality of your pup with this custom ornament that features an artistic digital rendering of your pet. We love the festive wreaths around the photo and the fact that you can choose to place a Santa hat on top of their heads!

Shop Now: Custom Dog Ornament Made from Photo, starting at $35;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Custom Dog Bone Ornament

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An ornament that looks like your dog's favorite treat? What could be better?! Any dog lover will go doggone bonkers for this bone-shaped ornament that you can customize with your dog's name in 20 different fonts.

Shop Now: Custom Dog Bone Ornament, $13;

old world pet memorial ornament
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Old World Christmas Pet Memorial Ornament

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We tend to decorate our Christmas trees with ornaments that commemorate different events and moments in our lives. This ornament makes sure your beloved pets will always be remembered, year after year.

Shop now: Old World Christmas Pet Memorial Ornament, $18;

paw print ornament kit
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Paw Print Bone Ornament Kit

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Impression ornaments are super popular for showcasing tiny handprints on your tree, so why not add some cute paw prints, too? This kit comes with everything you need to make an impression ornament of your furry friends' paws (and makes a great gift for fellow pet lovers).

Shop now: Paw Print Bone Ornament Kit, $10;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Custom Christmas Pet Ornament

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If you're looking for a rustic feel, this wooden pet ornament is giving us all the cozy outdoorsy vibes. You can choose from six different wood stains for the chevron-patterned base. We love how each ornament is truly unique due to the grains of the wood.

Shop Now: Custom Christmas Pet Ornament, $15;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Personalized Cat Ornament

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Celebrate all the cuddle sessions you've received from your cat this year with this personalized cat ornament. Each one is laser cut with your cat's name in cursive featured in the middle. We can't get over how cute the whiskers look poking out of the sides!

Shop Now: Personalized Cat Ornament, starting at $10;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Personalized Engraved Cat Ornament

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Pick from 12 different silhouettes to capture the playful essence of your feline friend with this pet ornament. The cat is made from negative space, so you'll be able to see Christmas lights shining through once you place it on the tree.

Shop Now: Personalized Engraved Cat Ornament, $8;

custom pet portrait wooden ornament
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Custom Pet Portrait Wooden Ornament

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We're in love with how joyful the eyes look on these hand-painted wood ornaments! Your pet's unique personality will shine through thanks to the artist's thoughtful strokes and use of bright colors. You can have the artist paint a Santa hat on your pet's head to make it even more festive! Reviewers say that the artist follows the picture you send in to a tee.

Shop now: Custom Pet Portrait Wooden Ornament, $22;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Personalized Family with Dog Ornament

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Your dog is center stage (as they should be!) in this personalized ornament that features a pup peeking out of their dog house with their humans framing the top. The ornament versions of your family don a Santa hat with their name on it.

Shop Now: Personalized Family with Dog Ornament, $15;

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Red Stocking Ornament with Up to Four Pets

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If you're a multi-pet family, this ornament is made for you. As one reviewer states: "Do you know how hard it is to find a personalized ornament with 4 people and 3 dogs? I struggle every year, but this ornament has enough room for all of us, and even the dogs are personalized!"

Shop Now: Red Stocking Ornament with Up to Four Pets, starting at $19;

Credit: Courtesy of Zazzle

Colorful Holiday Wire Dog Bone Christmas Ornament

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Hand-formed with aluminum wire, this dog bone ornament is sure to stand out on your Christmas tree this year. The bone is made from silver wire, but you can choose any color you want for the name. 

Shop Now: Colorful Holiday Wire Dog Bone Christmas Ornament, $16;

Credit: Courtesy of Zazzle

Christmas Cats Santa Antlers Ceramic Ornament

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Your cat will look like they're in a Disney movie thanks to this playful personalized ornament featuring one cat in a Santa hat and another cat wearing Reindeer ears. This one only comes with one type of illustration, so it would make a great gift for anyone with grey cats.

Shop Now: Christmas Cats Santa Antlers Ceramic Ornament, $17;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Custom Pet Name & Picture Christmas Ornament

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If you've unfortunately lost a pet in the past year, you can still honor their memory with this customizable ornament. You can place angel wings and halo on your gone-but-not-forgotten pet, showing that they'll always be a part of your family.

Shop Now: Custom Pet Name & Picture Christmas Ornament, $40;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Pet Christmas Custom Wood Ornament

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Any dog lover on your list will appreciate receiving this personalized ornament as a gift this year. The wood and the bold font give this ornament a classy look while the paw prints will remind you of your lovable, goofy pup.

Shop Now: Pet Christmas Custom Wood Ornament, $15;

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Personalized First Christmas Dog Ornament

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Did you add a new pet to your family this year? Congratulations! Commemorate the momentous occasion by personalizing this bone-shaped ornament. Every year when you place this on the tree, you'll be reminded of the year your family grew by one loyal and lovable member.

Shop Now: Personalized First Christmas Dog Ornament, $15;

Credit: Courtesy of Purina

Fancy Feast Feastivities Holiday Ornament

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Display your love for your kitty with this heart-shaped ornament made by pet food maker Fancy Feast. All proceeds from this ornament will go to the Purple Leash Project, which supports victims of domestic violence and their pets.

Shop Now: Fancy Feast Feastivities Holiday Ornament, $3;