We're just visiting this site for the puppies, OK?

We can get right to it here: Look at these hot dudes holding puppies. 

These 10 upstanding young men have misplaced their shirts for a good cause this Valentine's Day in a partnership with spiked-drink company Crook and Marker to raise money for Muddy Paws Rescue in New York City. 

Their creation is OnlyCans—a fun parody of the real website where you can pay to see people disrobe. While we would never usually contribute to male objectification—gosh, it's just so hard to be a good-looking man these days … I've heard—this is for a good cause.

The OnlyCans photos and videos, which each feature an annoyingly in-shape fellow, a puppy, and a can of Crook and Marker hard seltzer, can be shared any way you know how. Each time they're shared via SMS text, social media, or email, Crook and Marker will donate $1 to the Muddy Paws animal rescue organization. You can also make a personal donation if you're just on OnlyCans for the puppies. (Yeah, OK.) Crook and Marker will match those donations up to $10,000. 

Speaking of the dogs, they're all adoptable rescues! If any of those cuties have already found their homes since the launch of this very popular program, take a look at the other sweet pups Muddy Paws has to offer if you're in the New York area.

"Our rescue dogs don't usually need any help making people smile—but with OnlyCans, they're making viewers blush, too," Muddy Paws' Marketing Director Anna Lai said in a news release. "As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are grateful to Crook & Marker for partnering with us to help raise funds and awareness that will save countless lives and connect these furry heroes with their forever homes."   

But, folks, I have some bad news. I'm not sure these guys are real. Exhibit A: Simon. He not only chooses where to eat, but also plans out the whole entire date night and cleans up afterwards. (Nice try! No one is fooled.) Ryan really enjoys "actively listening without judgment or agenda." Now does that sound like the men you know? Probs not.

Dr. Shepherd doesn't have a first name. Huge red flag. John is happy to wash the dishes and just loves sharing his favorite sweatshirts without ever asking for them back. While it certainly doesn't hurt to dream, this sounds unlikely.

Anyway, this helps puppies and that's what we're all about here at Daily Paws. So share away, make a donation, and clear that browser history just to be safe.