It's not petty if it's for a good cause!
cat pawing kitty litter
Credit: CasarsaGuru / Getty

Heck yeah, folks. V-Day is just around the corner. No, not Valentine's. We're talking sweet, stinky VENGEANCE. 

The Humane Society Waterville Area in Maine is offering a special promotion in the lead up to the Feb. 14 holiday. For a donation, the good people at the humane society will write your ex's name on a piece of paper that will then be placed in a cat's litter box. 

"Then our cats will get to work! Our felines promise to cover your No. 1 ex in plenty of No. 2," the society wrote on Facebook.

Nice. I personally can't wait to give $20 so REDACTED and REDACTED get what they deserve. (Don't worry, I'm totally kidding...totally.) But, man, so many not-so-nice guys and gals are going to be peed on. And some poo is definitely going to rain down on several Brandons. Nicks? Welcome to Browntown. Ashley? You know what you did.

It's certainly something we can all get behind. Another plus: Some of the comments left on the donation page are genuine all-timers. A smattering: 

"I dedicate this donation to my now ex-husband, Sean. He consistently crapped on me for years. Time to return the favor!"

"As if I haven't spent enough on alimony. Oh well, what's another $25? :-)"

"You're right, Jeff—I guess I do still think about you!"

"For Mike B., who told me that I and my entire family were cold and uncaring while we were out to dinner and he 'forgot his wallet.'"

"Katelyn: You were a crappy cat mom and a crappy wife. Thanks for screwing up so I could be his No. 2. —The second wife"


Happy Valentine's Day, cats and kittens.