dog behind clear gate; pet gates for Christmas trees
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Here's Why You Need a Christmas Tree Gate for Your Pet (and Where to Find One That's Cute)

No more scaling the Christmas tree or getting caught in string lights.
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If you have pets, you probably know that Christmastime can present some logistic hurdles in the decor department. Cats are prone to climbing trees and fiddling with delicate ornaments, while excited puppies can be eager to chew on string lights or paw at presents. Not only is your pet's curiosity bad for your decor, it can be dangerous for them—a broken ornament or falling tree can pose a serious hazard for even the most well-behaved pets.

One solution for pet-proofing your home during the holidays is to invest in a great Christmas tree gate. A Christmas tree gate functions a lot like a regular pet gate, but it should be flexible enough to fit around your tree comfortably, with a sleek design that won't sour the holiday spirit. Check out these high-quality options to keep your pets (and your tree) safe.

Wooden Free Standing Pet Gate
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

Wooden Free Standing Pet Gate

Buy Now on Wayfair ($90)

This wooden pet gate has accordion-style hinges so you can easily arrange it around your tree and presents. Wide slats provide a lovely view of your seasonal decor while providing safety and security for your rambunctious pets. This free-standing pet gate expands to fit nearly any width and comes in black or white.

christmas tree wooden picket fence
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Christmas Tree Wooden Fence

Buy Now on Amazon ($31)

A wooden fence is the traditional design for a Christmas tree pet barrier. You can buy these charming picket fence panels in packages of 4, 6, or 8 to help you achieve the right length for your tree and other Christmas accessories.

clear acrylic freestanding pet gate
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Clear Acrylic Freestanding Zig-Zag Pet Gate

Buy Now on Etsy ($399)

If you just can't bear the thought of obstructing any of your Christmas tree view, this pet gate is for you. This acrylic "zig-zag" style pet gate is durable, see through, and easy to arrange into the shape you need. Another plus with this model is that it's difficult for persistent pets to climb. The only downside is that you might need to wipe off nose and paw prints.

wooden pet gate
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Foldable 4-Panel Freestanding Gate

Buy Now on Amazon ($65)

This four-panel freestanding wooden gate has a simple but sophisticated design that can complement nearly any holiday decor. The two-foot tall gate is a subtle deterrent to keep curious pets out of harm's way. Choose from a wide range of colors including gray, brown, or white.

wooden three panel dog gate
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Tall Dog Gate for Christmas Tree

Buy Now on Amazon ($69)

If you need something a little larger and more sturdy to keep excited fur babies from stampeding the tree, try this 30-inch tall dog gate. This freestanding option has the flexibility to be arranged freely, with a heavy, durable build and extra support legs for added security.