Pay tribute to beloved characters across the franchise with these Star Wars dog costumes for Halloween or May the 4th.

By Leah Lopez Cardenas
September 16, 2020
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Darth Vader dog costume
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Obi-Wan Kenobi isn’t your only hope this Halloween—the Daily Paws editors rounded up all the best Star Wars dog costumes for your enjoyment. Small and large dogs alike can join the Rebel Alliance (or just hang out and wag their tail at trick-or-treaters hoping for snacks) in these stellar Star Wars costumes for dogs.

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Princess Leia dog costume for Halloween
Credit: Courtesy of

Princess Leia

No scruffy-looking nerf herders here! You’ve always known she’s a princess, but this Halloween costume will show everyone your lovely lady dog’s strong-willed personality and fabulous buns.

Shop it: $25;

Porg Star Wars pet Halloween costume
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Move over ewoks, there’s a new adorable Star Wars creature in town! Like dogs, porgs are dorky, cute, and love to play in the water. Just make sure you remove the costume before letting your pup go swimming!

Shop it: $20 and up;

Darth Vader Pug in Star Wars dog Halloween costume
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Darth Vader

When it comes to doggos, there really aren’t any on the dark side (we love them all). But this Darth Vader costume is fun for flat-faced breeds like pugs and bulldogs, since they’ve already got the snorty breathing mastered.

Shop it: $20;

Ewok Star Wars Halloween costume for dogs
Credit: Courtesy of Target


This has got to be the overall best Star Wars dog costume there is, especially if you have a shih tzu. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Shop it: $25 and up;

Lando Calrissian Star Wars dog Halloween costume
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Lando Calrissian

We’re willing to bet your dog will look cute in this costume. Take a gamble and see if he’ll keep the wig on long enough to take a photo or two.

Shop it: $23 and up;

AT-AT Imperial Walker Star Wars dog costume
Credit: Courtesy of

AT-AT Imperial Walker

No blasters are going to get through this costume. Now if only this Imperial Walker could walk herself around the block!

Shop it: $30 and up;

Wookie Star Wars dog costume
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If your dog is as furry as a Wookie, this is the perfect Halloween costume for him! Wookies are similar to dogs in that they’re known for being super smart and have a language all their own. But good luck training your pup to fly the Millenium Falcon.

Shop it: $23 and up;

Yoda ears for Star Wars dog costume
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy


“You must unlearn what you have learned.” (Why does that sound so familiar when we’re attempting to train our dogs?) These ears are a great option for pups who prefer a more minimal approach to their apparel. Really fun this costume is.

Shop it: $5;

Jedi Star Wars dog costume for Halloween
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The strength of a Jedi master is akin to the strength of a dog plowing under a fence to chase unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. (Pro tip: Here’s how to get that to stop.) While we hope destruction of property is kept to a minimum, may the fur-ce be with you and your canine friend this Halloween!

Shop it: $25;