These creepy, crawly dog spider Halloween costumes are great for the pup that wants to be scary. Spook your neighbors this Halloween with a spider dog costume that’s chillingly cute.
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spider halloween costume for dog
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Halloween is almost here! While you plan what candy to buy and decorations to put up around your home, make sure to also include your pet in the festivities. While it may take a few treats and gentle persuasion to get your dog into a Halloween costume, the adorable photo op and resulting enjoyment is so worth it. (Just make sure you are doing so safely by following some of these guidelines).

If a spooky spider is the dog costume you've been excited to try since last Halloween, you'd be surprised at how many options there are out there. Whether you're looking for an off-the-rack option that's easy for your pet to rock this Halloween or a DIY spider costume to keep you busy during your time at home, check out our top picks from across the "web."

9 of Our Favorite Spider Dog Costumes

frisco spider dog costume
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

For Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

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This spider dog Halloween costume is great for small and large dogs (and even cats!), but grab your camera quickly because there are no guarantees they'll keep it on for long!

Shop now: Frisco Spider Dog Costume, starting at $15;

Orange and black cartoon spider costume for dogs
Credit: Courtesy of PetSmart

For the Dog That Resembles a Cartoon Character

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With its cartoony eyes and orange hairy legs, this dog costume perfectly matches the personality of any pup who's more like Courage the Cowardly Dog or Scooby Doo than Lassie or Air Bud.

Shop now: Thrills and Chills Halloween Spider Dog Costume, $20;

Group of dogs in spider Halloween costumes
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

For Whimsical Dogs

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This handmade spider costume for dogs evokes some serious fairytale creature vibes. Your creepy, crawly canine will be the spookiest pooch in all the land with this costume, which apparently also works for ferrets.

Shop now: Creepy Spider Costume, starting at $65;

spider web dog collar
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

For Dogs Who Aren't Really Into This Halloween Thing, But Want to Feel Included

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Maybe a giant spider costume isn't quite what your pup has the patience for this Halloween, but you still want to dress him up cute. This spider web collar still gives your pet the spooky feel without too many extra legs dangling off her back. 

Shop now: Bootique on the Web Pet Headpiece, $5;

Dog in a furry spider Halloween costume
Credit: Courtesy of Target

For Extra Furry Dogs

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Dogs that are covered in hair (and cover your house in hair) probably won't even notice this furry tarantula-style spider costume on their back.

Shop now: Creepy Spider Harness Pet Costume, $35;

spider man dog costume
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

For Super Dogs

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Who said a spider costume had to have eight legs? Your friendly neighborhood spider-dog will look marvelous in the suit, but hopefully you won't run into any bad guys while trick-or-treating.

Shop now: Spider Man Dog Costume, starting at $13;

Cat in spider Halloween costume
Credit: Courtesy of Target

For the Cat That Thinks He's a Dog

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It's not just dogs that get to have all the Halloween spirit! Cat costumes are also a thing and are (almost) just as fun. Now, how to get your cat in the costume...

Shop now: Spider Ruff Halloween Cat Costume, $6;

Dog in scorpion Halloween costume
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For the Dog Who Wants to One-Up His Friends With a Different Arachnid Costume

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If your doggo is worried a traditional spider costume is too overdone, a scorpion is a close cousin that's just as scary (if not more—those stingers are not to be messed with).

Shop now: Scorpion Dog Costume, starting at $40;

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For the Dog Who Prefers to DIY

Want to save some money and make your dog's costume yourself this year? Check out this adorable DIY spider dog Halloween costume step-by-step tutorial that Martha Stewart made for her own dog.