These pet Halloween costumes work for both cats and dogs. Get ideas for dressing up your furry friend for Halloween this year.
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Many pet parents love dressing up their family for Halloween, furry family members included! These adorable pet Halloween costumes for both cats and dogs offer endless possibilities for group family costumes or pet and owner costume combinations that delight.

While everyone's number one goal on Halloween is to have fun, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your pet is also having a good time. No bones about it, these safety tips will be helpful as you choose the best costume for your individual pet:

bat pet halloween costume for cat
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  • Measure your pet to make sure you buy the appropriate sized costume that will fit her comfortably without squeezing. It's important that the costume doesn't limit the animal's movement.
  • Don't force it—if your pet shows fear or aversion to the costume, don't make her put it on! Just make sure your pet is actually enjoying the costume and the activity as much as you are.
  • Cats in particular are pretty adaptable and if they're already comfortable wearing a harness and collar, they may be OK wearing a costume.
  • Make sure the costume does not cause stress. Watch for stress signals like panting, shaking, or avoidance, and be prepared to remove the costume the second the animal decides they don't like it.
  • Try introducing the costume to your pet ahead of Halloween so when the holiday arrives and it's time to get ready, they are already familiar with it. Place the costume in areas your pet frequents and let your pet look at and smell the costume a few times before putting it on. And as always, use positive reinforcement with praise and treats so your furry friend starts to associate the costume with good feelings.
Vampire pet Halloween costume for cats and dogs
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Those naturally sharp fangs come in handy for this pet costume, although they're not so fun the rest of the year. At least there's hope: Learn how to train your cat to stop biting you and how to stop puppy biting so the teeth only come out on Halloween.

Shop it: $10 and up

Cat breading Halloween costume for pets
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Cat breading never gets old, and this hilarious pet costume is an easy, one-size-fits-all option that you might have better luck getting on your cat or dog than some of the other options on this list. We know bread makes an adorable costume, but can cats eat real bread? The answer is complicated. Find out everything you need to know about whether or not you can feed your cat bread before you try it. And that Halloween candy? Definitely steer clear.

Shop it: $7

Bat wings Halloween costume for cats
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Channel your pet's inner ghoulish side with these spooky bat wings that make an especially good Halloween costume for black cats or dogs. Bonus: The pumpkin bells make it easy to hear your pet moving around in your house... even when they blend in with the dark. No unannounced scares with this one!

Shop it: $8

Cowboy Halloween costume for cats and dogs
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This funny pet Halloween costume makes your cat or dog look like he's walking on two legs! Quit "barkin' at a knot"—as the cowboys say—and get to ordering so your pet has his costume in time for the Halloween neighborhood hootenanny.

Shop it: $15 and up

Batman Halloween costume for dogs and cats
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Have a dog and a cat? Pair up your dynamic duo with both a Batman and Robin costume only appropriate for the caped crusader and his trusty sidekick.

Shop it: $14 and up

Avocado pet Halloween costume
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Channel your obsession for the fruit and your obsession with your pet for the cutest Halloween costume ever. Just don't go sharing your chips and guac with your four-legged friend. Avocados have a reputation for being a superfood for humans, but whether your pets can eat avocado is not as simple as it is for humans.

Shop it: $13 and up

Ty beanie baby pet collar tag for Halloween costume
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TY Beanie Baby

Let your pet's natural beauty do the talking this Halloween. This low maintenance pet Halloween costume easily hooks on your pet's collar. And who knows? Maybe your housemate(s) will let you start a collection (aka adopt more pets!). This is also a good option for dogs that show an aversion to some of the more full-body style costumes.

Shop it: $6

Cat king Halloween costume for pets
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King or Queen

Let's be honest—your pets already know who rules the household. Might as well dress them appropriately with this regal king or queen costume.

Shop it: $15