A wiener dog dressed as the Magic School Bus? Hilarious.
woman and her Yorkie both dressed as Nemo
Credit: AFP Contributor / Getty

To put it mildly, the 2021 annual Halloween dog parade in New York contained some of the most creative dog costumes we've ever seen. From scary to sweet, the NYC dog parade brought it all. There were puppies dressed as celebrities, dog outfits that paid homage to horror movies, and some canines who just brought out the plain ol' cute factor to wow the crowds. This year's Tompkins Square Halloween dog parade was everything we'd hoped it would be and more.

Check out our favorite photos of dogs in costumes from the parade. Did we miss one of your favorites? Tag us on Instagram via #DailyPawsPets to be featured.

Raccoon in a Trash Can

There is nothing that screams "New York City" more than catching a raccoon digging through a trash can. This Australian shepherd perfected the look with a raccoon tail and a plastic bin filled with actual trash.


Pushkin the Pomeranian was made for this costume. The Pom's outfit matched the famous bear's ensemble perfectly, down to the tiny brown purse.

Schitt's Creek

Ew, David … how did this adorable group costume not take first place?! We love a Frenchie in a wig, and the addition of the bebe as David really made this one even more aww-worthy.

An Adorable Starbucks Barista

I would definitely go to Starbucks more if someone like Archie was there to pour me coffee. He's even wearing flannel, great for this time of year, and he won employee of the month! What a star. Please, dogs in all Starbucks now. Then maybe I'll spend my stack of unused gift cards. 

Use the Force, Clyde

Clyde decided to join the Halloween dog parade from the cockpit of his X-wing fighter, er, basket. Costumed as a rebel pilot from the early Star Wars films, he must've thwarted each of the Empire's planet-destroying weapons before showtime. Nice job, Clyde!

Pinhead from Hellraiser 

This tiny dog dressed up as the Hell Priest himself from the 1987 horror film Hellraiser might be the most detailed costume design we've seen this year. The Pinhead outfit is terrifying and adorable all at once, though the cute factor might be more from this little Chihuahua's tongue sticking out than the leather getup he's rocking alongside his dog dad. Either way, this dog wearing a Pinhead outfit is amazing.

The Pope Visits NYC

The infamous New York Nico (@newyorknico on Instagram) shared an epic video of the Roman pontiff himself (albeit in canine form). This incredible dog pope costume was made complete with a specially designed version of the popemobile. Watching this pup roll by is almost a religious experience in itself.

Wednesday Addams and Cousin It

The only way dogs in Halloween costumes get any cuter is by pairing them up with their favorite tiny humans. Check out this incredible getup of Wednesday Addams and her adorable Cousin It, who graciously posed for this snapshot on their stoop before heading to the pet parade in Tompkins Square Park.

Dog Bezos and His Rocket Ship

Along with his dog mom (@picassos.mom on Instagram) this blind senior pooch named Picasso won the pet parade prize for best dog and owner costume category, and it's easy to see why. The hilarious duo charmed parade-goers by dressing up as Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket. We've got to be honest, it's the "we the Amazon customers who paid for this" sign that really hit us right in the feels.

This Family Who Lives for Some Dunkin' Donuts

Aptly named Duncan, this brindle English bulldog and his pawrents shared their love of sweet pastries and warm coffee beverages at the NYC Halloween pet parade this year. Though donuts and coffee aren't exactly dog-friendly treats you should share with your canine companion, dressing up your dog in a costume never hurts (assuming you pup likes dressing up!). Dunkin', if you're reading this, give this adorable family some free swag ASAP.

Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus

This duo is on no ordinary field trip. The tiny dachshund in a school bus may be the cutest thing we've ever seen, paired with his dog mama's perfect Ms. Frizzle ensemble. We're obsessed. It only makes sense—the quirky teacher's signature catchphrase, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy," seems to also be the motto of most dogs. Especially those who can't resist digging in the mud or eating literally anything they find lying around. Now excuse us as we go head first down the rabbit hole of nostalgia.

This Adorable Tribute to Essential Healthcare Workers

Amun the Pomeranian (along with his dog dad Ruben Santana) was the first place winner in the New York first responders contest at the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade this year, and it's easy to see why! The adorable duo paid tribute to thank all the amazing healthcare professionals who've been working tirelessly to keep us healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Out of the box came Thing 1 and Thing 2 … and a human to escort them! We love how this dog mom went all out as the Cat in the Hat to escort her furry little pups donned in blue wigs and red tutus in their own custom thing box. We're sure these angels don't cause nearly as much mischief as the original Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Oh, My Sweet Little Dumplin'

The artistic detail of this divine dim sum cart is matched only by the cuteness of the dog herself. Just look at that adorable hat with its foil-wrapped brim! The teeny tiny food! Those scissors! It's no wonder Mimi was awarded first place in the Food category and runner up for Best in Show. She makes us crave dumplings and want to die of cuteness all at the same time.

Want to see more fabulous, hilarious costumes from the parade? Check out our TikTok where we rate more of our favs in action. (Spoiler alert: They're all better than 10/10.)