These cute matching dog and owner Halloween costumes will have you both howling with laughter whether you're trick-or-treating or staying inside.
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dog and owner skeleton halloween costumes
Credit: Courtesy of PetSmart

Dressing up in couples costumes with your dog might be one of the most fun things you could do this Halloween. Although the holiday may look a bit different this year, you can still rock these dog and owner Halloween costumes whether you stay home to pass out candy or venture outdoors for some trick-or-treating. No matter what your 2021 Howl-oween celebration looks like, at least you know the photos of you and your furry BFF will be a hit on Instagram.

10 of the Cutest Matching Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

lobster dog costume and mermaid adult costume
Credit: Courtesy of Target and

Lobster and Mermaid

Let your inner mermaid shine with your ocean sidekick by your fin. Cat parents, this lobster costume is made for kitties, too! Have two dogs? Dress one up as Flounder and you have the whole gang ready to delight on Halloween night.

Shop for dogs: $10;

Shop for humans: $50 and up;

mermaid dog costume and lobster adult costume
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon and Walmart

Mermaid and Lobster

Prefer to let doggo shine as the main character? Here's an alternative that's sure to make a splash.

Shop for dogs: $14;

Shop for humans: $48;

Credit: Courtesy of PetSmart


Do you and your pup prefer to be in a cozy, warm sweater on Halloween night? These comfy skeleton sweater is the perfect way to be comfy while also showing a little Halloween spirit. 

Shop for humans and dogs: $22 and up;

hot dog pet costume and waiter human costume
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Hot Dog and Vendor

This is an extra perfect costume if your four-legged friend is a Dachshund—affectionately known as the "weiner dog". If you need costume ideas for the whole family, dress up the kids or grandkids as ketchup and mustard. Round out your family's look and convince your spouse to be the cheeseburger of your fast food crew.

Shop for dogs: $20;

Shop for humans: $35;


Transport to a magical wonderland with these matching dog and human unicorn pajamas! Stay cozy on the couch or take it to the streets; either way you'll be the talk of the town!

Shop for dogs: $22;

Shop for humans: $25;

grandma pet Halloween costume and Little Red Riding Hood cape costume for people
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy and Walmart

Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood

There's nothing cuter than a doggo dressed up like a little old lady. Nothing. Just make sure you practice safety around strangers while trick-or-treating! Or if you're staying home, we can bet your pup won't be mad if you fill a basket full of dog treats for her and a basket full of candy for you (PSA: Just please don't share chocolate with your dog because it's poisonous).

Shop for dogs: $15 and up;

Shop for humans: $19;

Harry Potter dog scarf and Hermione adult womens Halloween costume
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon and

Hairy Paw-ter and Hermione Granger

Accio dog treats! Bring the magic of Halloween to life with these beloved Harry Potter character costumes. Bonus: You can reuse the scarf all winter long!

Shop for dogs: $15;

Shop for humans: $100;

Bacon dog costume and egg Halloween costume
Credit: Courtesy of Petco and Amazon

Bacon and Eggs

Outside of PB&J, there really is no better duo than bacon and eggs. Except for you and your canine companion in these sizzlin' dog and owner Hallowen costumes!

Shop for dogs: $16;

Shop for humans: $23;

person and dog in tiger costumes
Credit: Courtesy of PetCo

Fierce Feline

Start practicing your roars now! This tiger costume is perfect for all the fierce pooches and their owners (or if you aren't so fierce and prefer to hang on the couch, this costume is perfectly cozy for that!). 

Shop for dog: $22;

Shop for human: $25;

Ash and Pikachu dog and owner Halloween costumes
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Ash and Pikachu

Spot, I choose you! The OG best friends of the Pokemon universe never go out of style as a funny Halloween costume you can use year after year. And if Pikachu isn't your favorite pokemon, there are actually 25+ other pokemon that look just like dogs to choose from. (You may have to DIY some of those costumes, though.)

Shop for dogs: $13;

Shop for humans: $30 and up;