Frankie has *really* got it out for Karen.
french bulldog with his elf on the shelf
Credit: Courtesy of frankieinthe6ix / Instagram

Frankie is a 1-year-old French bulldog with serious holiday spirit and an adorable social media presence. Frankie and her dog mom Lauren Hildebrandt love sharing their favorite Christmas antics with their Instagram followers—especially Frankie's cute (and slightly contentious) relationship with her Elf on the Shelf, Karen.

"I've always loved the idea of Elf on a Shelf, I think it's hilarious. I wish I had something like that growing up. I thought if kids could have an elf, why couldn't a dog?" Hildebrant tells Daily Paws. "I wanted to make sure Frankie played some tricks on Karen, too. That's just Frankie's personality, she's sassy."

Hildebrandt has captured plenty of hilarious moments between Frankie and Karen for social media and plans to keep the gags going. As for Frankie? She loves celebrating the holidays, but she definitely has some mixed feelings toward Karen.

"When [Karen] first shows up December 1st, [Frankie] isn't too bothered by her. But as December comes to an end, Frankie gets tired of Karen's shenanigans and can't wait for her to leave," Hildebrandt says. "I may have had to glue Karen's hat back on a few times. Frankie plays rough with her."

Though Frankie celebrates pretty much every holiday with adorable posts on social media, her Christmas photos are extra special—likely because it's Lauren's favorite time of year. When they're not staging hijinks with Karen, the duo loves to create special holiday memories by walking around looking at Christmas lights or heading to holiday markets together.

"Frankie is a sassy little goofball, but she is also the sweetest little thing," Hildebrandt says. "She has helped me get through some really hard times and is truly the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Hildebrandt says she's received a lot of messages from her followers telling her they look forward to the posts, and she and Frankie plan to keep the good times rolling.

"I'm just glad we can provide some laughs during such a crazy time," Hildebrandt says.