End-of-Life Pet Care

Your pet has lived a great life-no doubt about it. But they may be nearing the end of that great life soon, which can bring up lots of decisions and emotions. Here are our best pieces of advice for end-of-life pet care.

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Understanding Cat Cremation and Whether It's the Right Approach for You
Cremation is an economical option for end-of-life pet care that allows you to keep your cat's remains for a ceremony that's meaningful to you.
Should You Choose Pet Euthanasia at Home vs. the Vet Clinic?
Opting for a home setting can make your pet’s passing more peaceful. 
How to Know If Your Dog May Be Nearing the End of Their Life
Quality of life is the most important thing for our senior dogs, especially when they become sick. As your dog begins to show signs that he is close to the end of his life, you can help to keep him comfortable until he is ready to pass on.
Signs Your Cat Is Nearing the End of Their Life
Noting small changes in your cat's health and behavior can help tip you off that something is wrong and enable you to help your beloved cat through her final days.
Pet Euthanasia: Making the Decision for Your Pet's End-of-Life Care
It’s difficult to think about, but the more you know, the better off you'll be able to make a decision for your pet.

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Dog Cremation Explained: How to Decide If It's the Right Approach for You
After your pet passes, cremation is a common next step. Get answers to your questions around what’s involved and the options available.