All you need: sandpaper, glue, and a board.
woman trains dog to tap his nails on sandpaper; diy nail clipper tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of prettiestgirlinthesuburb / TikTok

This TikTok seems to be a very smart—and affordable—DIY hack to file your uncooperative pup's nails.

Some dogs simply hate their regular nail trims, including the one belonging to Abbie (prettiestgirlinthesuburb on TikTok). So she decided to make a big ol' scratch pad and headed to Home Depot. 

She bought 80-grit sandpaper and wood glue (and maybe a wooden board, but we don't see that). Back at home, she glued the sandpaper to the board, and bingpot: a scratch pad. 

Building was the easy part, but the execution worked as well. Using treats, Abbie gets her pup to paw at the pad, scratching his nails against the coarse sandpaper. For each scratch, a treat. 

(If you're in the office, mind the NSFW language in the music.)

It's not as effective as clippers or a nail grinder, but it's surely better than nothing for a dog who hates pedicures. (And as one commenter on the 4 million-view video noted, his own scratch pad helped his dog get used to nail maintenance.)

So it's easy to use—but it's also cheap. The sandpaper? $6.48. The glue? $3.47. The board? I actually don't know, so let's guess and say it's $10. That's about $20 plus tax.

A premade scratch pad costs double that, but it's useful for when the Y in DIY doesn't apply to you. (Which, fair.)

Regardless of how you tend to your dog's nails, make sure your dog is safe and comfortable all while showering them in treats.