Watch as YouTuber Simone Giertz builds a new office chair that can accommodate both her and her small dog, Scraps. Then watch our writer build something much worse.
Chihuahua standing in an office chair
Credit: Cavan Images / Getty

With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching its end (maybe? possibly?), many of us are getting ready to head back to the office—much to the chagrin of our pets who got used to their mobile, fleshy treat dispensers being around all the time. 

But some of us will keep working from home, and even those of us who do resume our—barf—commutes will probably be working from home more often than we did in 2019. And that means our pets will absolutely continue to bother us and try to get into our laps as we attempt to work. 

Thankfully, YouTube builder and handywoman Simone Giertz has a DIY idea that allows you and your dog or cat to coexist in the same chair while you work on your computer. It's pretty neat. 

Her issue: Her 1-year-old, three-legged dog Scraps is quite needy and will try to sit or lay on Giertz whenever she has the opportunity. A big-time lap dog. 

"I feel like she would just prefer it if I was taxidermied and turned into a bed," she says. 

With that nightmare fuel in mind, Giertz started to look for an office chair compatible for both her and Scraps. Google yielded nothing, so she set out to build her own. Here's how it went (mind the curse words): 

I'm an idiot when it comes to building anything, but I'll do my best to summarize her process here. She gets the measurements of Scraps and then uses Fusion 360 to design a prototype. (This is where we'll note that this will only work for a smaller dog or cat. You're gonna be out of luck with a needy Bernese mountain dog.)

Then there are several building montages that make building stuff look really easy and fun until she finally tests out the final painted-and-cushioned product.

The chair, which is the height of a bar stool, is quite cool. Scraps has access to a downstairs cubby hole as well as a teensy little staircase that takes her up to butt level where Giertz sits. Scraps seems to love it, and Giertz looks comfortable, too.    

Now, better minds than mine can probably figure out how to build a version of Giertz's creation at home for their own lap dogs. Solid! But what about us home improvement dummies? Well, I have a solution. 

carboard cutout of poodle in laundry basket next to office chair
Credit: Austin Cannon/Daily Paws

I call it the Sidecar. It has two main components: our laundry basket stacked on top of a small wicker(?) trunk where we keep extra blankets. I placed it next to my decades-old office chair and placed a cardboard cutout of my family's poodle, Riley, inside for scale. (Real-life Riley is probably too big. She would hate it.) 

Pros: Quick assembly (45 seconds); enough space for a small dog with room for toys, cushions, and treats; didn't have to buy any new materials. Cons: No way for a dog to get in or out of the basket alone; the basket isn't secured and could tip over; there's now dirty laundry all over my floor. 

When it comes down to brass tacks, you probably want to follow Giertz's lead on this one. Or wait for Sidecar 2.0 when I've really ironed out the kinks. 

Editor's note: Please do not follow Austin's terrible DIY advice.