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How to Build a DIY Cat House Your Kitty Is Sure to Love

Before you jump into a DIY cat house project, consider these design and planning tips from a behavior expert. And then try our instructions for the easiest DIY cat house—ever.

15 of the Best Large Outdoor Catio Ideas on Instagram

Catios—outdoor cat enclosures—are an easy way to expand your indoor cat’s world and provide your cat with a safe, fresh-air space for play, rest, and basking in the sun.

Let Your Cat Enjoy the Sunshine With These 6 Catios

Catios keep your cat protected from predators, and you can rest assured knowing they won’t make any great escapes.

Spoil Your Feline Furbaby with This Easy-to-Build DIY Cat Tree

This DIY cat tree has everything your kitty desires—rungs to climb, a cradle for lounging, and a cave for hiding. Our building plans show you step-by-step how to create this cat-tastic climbing structure.

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