DIY Project Ideas

Not only are you the perfect pet parent, but you're a crafty pet parent. Need some new ideas? Check out our list of fun DIY crafts and building projects for pet owners, from doghouses to cat trees and everything in between.

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This DIY Snuffle Mat Makes Mealtime Healthier and More Fun

No need to buy expensive enrichment toys. Kibble mixed into the flaps of this washable DIY mat will slow down your pet's snarfing and make meals feel more like a game.

Want to Build a DIY Office Chair You and Your Dog Can Share? This YouTube Builder Has You Covered

Watch as YouTuber Simone Giertz builds a new office chair that can accommodate both her and her small dog, Scraps. Then watch our writer build something much worse.

Elderly Rescue Dogs No Longer Have to Climb Stairs Thanks to Custom Elevator

Caring for sweet senior and ailing pups inspired this New Orleans couple to engineer a better solution for mobility and upstairs/downstairs cuddles.

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How to Build a Catio for Your Cats: What You Need and What You Need to Know

We’ve got all the catio know-how that will help you plan and build a safe outdoor enclosure for your feline friend.