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So you've decided to get a pet. Great! But do you know everything you need to know about living with pets? Find out the real cost of having a pet and how to best integrate your furry friend into your family with tips and advice from pet pros.

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15 of the Best Large Outdoor Catio Ideas on Instagram

Catios—outdoor cat enclosures—are an easy way to expand your indoor cat’s world and provide your cat with a safe, fresh-air space for play, rest, and basking in the sun.

Let Your Cat Enjoy the Sunshine With These 6 Catios

Catios keep your cat protected from predators, and you can rest assured knowing they won’t make any great escapes.

Spoil Your Feline Furbaby with This Easy-to-Build DIY Cat Tree

This DIY cat tree has everything your kitty desires—rungs to climb, a cradle for lounging, and a cave for hiding. Our building plans show you step-by-step how to create this cat-tastic climbing structure.

How to Build a Catio for Your Cats: What You Need and What You Need to Know

We’ve got all the catio know-how that will help you plan and build a safe outdoor enclosure for your feline friend.

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