Walmart's Black Friday Pet Deals: litter box, pet bed, roomba shown
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Walmart's Black Friday Pet Deals Are Already Rolling In, and These Are Some of the Best Products to Shop

Including a vacuum for pet owners that's $100 off.
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For pet owners, this time of year means one thing and one thing only: deciding exactly how many holiday gifts you're going to bestow upon your utterly perfect pets. After all, they were good all year long (we're just going to forget about that incident with the trash can), and they're just as deserving as any human on your shopping list. Of course, it's also a time to save on pet-related items for yourself—and luckily, the Walmart Black Friday Deals page has dozens of pet items on sale right now as well as owner-friendly discounts that make life with your four-legged friends all the more blissful.

For starters, the vacuums. If you have a furry animal, you know that a solid vacuum is absolutely instrumental in day-to-day life. Walmart has several great deals on vacuums specifically for pet fur and dander, including this self-cleaning upright Shark vacuum that Walmart shoppers say has a shocking amount of suction power, an extra long cord, and moves seamlessly between carpet and hardwood. It's on sale for $100 off and has hundreds of five-star reviews. There are also stick vacuum and robot vacuum bargains to browse—in other words, fur won't stand a chance.

If you're looking to upgrade your pet's bed, there are great deals on some ultra-cozy options for your dog or cat, including this luxe velvet bed and this memory foam option that shoppers say is great for older dogs who have a hard time getting comfortable. There are also some gems in the pet supply area including cleansers, wipes, poop bags, and pet shampoo and conditioner. Finally, there are some excellent travel items on sale, including this car seat cover for pets who are part of your holiday travel plans as well as this ramp that ensures your pet's comfort and safety getting into the car. 

Below, we selected some of the best Walmart Black Friday pet deals you can take advantage of now, but if nothing strikes you, don't fret: This is just a small selection of the deals that Walmart has on offer. Shop them all while you can because both you and your pet(s) deserve it. 

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