Going on an Adventure With Your Dog? Bring These 7 Must-Haves

Make any excursion a breeze.

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Getting out in the fresh air with your canine companion keeps you both healthy. Like all routines, your walks around the neighborhood can get a little, well, routine. Shake up your schedule by planning a few adventures with your dog to try some new activities. The change of pace isn't just an opportunity for exercise for your pup—the novelty of exploring a new setting will give them a mental boost as well.

There's a wide range of "off road" activities that are perfect for your dog. Start by keeping it simple with a quick hike on a trail, go for a run together in a park, or play fetch at the beach. Then, build up to more involved adventures with a lot of novelty (and a little bit of training), like going for a bike ride or rollerblading

Overall, the type of adventure you choose will depend on the breed, age, and overall energy level of your dog. For example, outdoorsy dogs like Samoyeds can even cross-country ski, while a Chihuahua may need to hop into a bike basket to join your excursion. The right gear can adapt activities for your dog and will also keep them safe. Here's a short list of other must-haves for (safely) having fun in the great outdoors. 

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Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Rechargeable Safety Necklace

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Whether you're taking your dog on a walk at dusk or a potty break at night, this light-up dog collar ensures that they're visible to everyone. The rechargeable necklace is weather-resistant, can be worn solo or with a collar, and switches from solid to flashing at the push of a button for extra visibility. (Though this feature does make it look like your dog is en route to a rave.)

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OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Backpack

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For longer hikes—or when you need a little help toting waste bags, water, snacks, or other essentials—give your dog his very own daypack. Tailored for medium-to-large dog breeds, the sturdy canvas pack is adjustable for a comfortable fit. One reviewer immediately took their dog on a 10-mile adventure across various terrain with the pack and found that it held up nicely while staying comfortably balanced on their dog. Tip: Make sure to keep the pack's weight at around 10 percent of their body weight, max, when starting out. 

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PETKIT Dog Water Bottle With Filter

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How special could a dog water bottle be? Well, this one has over 6,600 ratings. Pet parents love the wide-opening cap that functions like a water bowl—so you won't have to tote a separate one on a hike—the push-button dispensing feature that is designed with a silicone gasket to prevent leaks, and the included water filter that's good for 100 uses of the BPA-free bottle.

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Adventure Medical Kits Trail Dog Kit

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The key to confidently exploring areas far from home is being prepared for any situation. This dog-specific kit includes dressings, bandages, tools for removing ticks and thorns, along with other calamities that dogs could encounter specifically on the trail. There's also a helpful pet first aid book to help guide you in case of minor emergencies. Round out the kit with a mini flashlight, and you're ready for anything.

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QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs with Reflective Strips

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Another crowd-pleaser among pet parents with almost 6,000 reviews, these simple yet sturdy rugged-soled dog shoes deliver anti-slip traction on trails, pavement, and other conditions. One reviewer reported that the shoes could even withstand adventures in the snow in Chicago. There are seven sizes with three different styles and reflective strip details for added visibility. If your dog is in-between sizes, the wide split seam opens to expand, and the two straps can be adjusted for a secure fit.

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Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

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Hands-free leashes are basically hip packs tethered to your dog's harness. They can work well in situations like hikes and jogging, especially in areas without a lot of traffic (people, animal, bike, or car) and for dogs who are used to loose-leash walking. This design has built-in handles in case you do encounter company, though. The side belt clip gives your dog the freedom to move side to side without getting tangled. The bungee lead design absorbs shock (great for dogs that tend to dart) and expands from 48 to 60 inches. 

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Frisco Quilted Water Resistant Hammock Car Seat Cover

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Not all accessories for outdoor adventures with your dog are meant for the trail. This convenient heavy-duty seat cover keeps your car safe from the aftermath of your adventures—mud, dirt, and wet dog fur. The hammock design installs in three steps: Loop the straps around the headrests, fasten the anchors in between seat gaps, and adjust the corner straps. 

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