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18 Cat Strollers To Bring Your Cat On All Your Adventures

Introduce your cat to a whole new world outside the window with strollers that’ll keep them safe and secure.
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The world of an indoor cat can be predictable: The same rooms, the same toys, the same people, and maybe the occasional treat. Change up the routine by safely introducing your favorite feline to the exciting sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors with the help of a cat stroller. 

While it might seem like a quirky thing to buy, a cat stroller is essentially a carrier on wheels. The "seat" is a secure compartment with mesh windows that offer a view, while also creating an enclosed feeling that'll keep your cat feeling calm. For added security, there's usually a tether that can hook on to a cat harness. (A collar and ID tag is also a must before any trip outside, no matter what.)

Though you can find pet strollers with wheels made for jogging or hiking, it's best to start with smaller trips around the neighborhood to see how your cat reacts to the experience. Even if you just plan on using the stroller to make trips to the vet a little easier, starting with a walk around the block creates a more positive association with the stroller rather than the stress of a check-up.

Acclimating your cat to a stroller is a bit like introducing a new pet carrier. The key is to let the stroller become a familiar sight. A week before you plan on taking your walk, keep the stroller out with the compartment open. You may find that your cat will either explore the compartment or make herself right at home inside of it. If your cat is keeping a safe distance, don't force the relationship. Instead, try adding a favorite towel or bed inside, or offer a few favorite treats.

Overall, the success of a cat stroller will largely depend on your cat's personality (it's going to likely be a pass for skittish kitties). If you have a hunch your kitty will love it, we've rounded up 18 cat strollers that'll fit any budget, cat family size, and lifestyle.

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Kinbor Foldable Pet Stroller With Storage Basket

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Style meets durability in this cat stroller from Walmart. The leopard pattern brightens up even dreary days, and the wind-resistant Oxford cloth construction helps keep your kitty cozy. The mesh panels ensure breathability (and a nice view of the neighborhood).

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Pet Gear View 360 Pet Stroller Travel System

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Part booster seat, part carrier, and part stroller, this all-in-one system makes it easy to get your cat from your home to the stroller to the car with ease. The included fleece pad adds a layer of comfort for chilly days but can be removed for easy cleaning.

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ibiyaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier

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If you need even more versatility, look no further than this 5-in-1 cat stroller. Constructed to baby stroller standards and made from a durable eco-friendly material, the system is centered around a cozy capsule-like compartment. The compartment attaches to the base for use as a stroller but can also detach and be used as a shoulder carrier, a backpack-style carrier, a pet car seat, and a wheeled pet carrier (that resembles a carry-on rolling suitcase). 

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Petique Newport Cat Stroller

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A spacious bassinet-like compartment makes this the best cat stroller for kitties who are a little prone to anxiety. Here's why: The dome-like ceiling has two small mesh panels that offer a glimpse of the outdoors without being too overwhelming. As your cat gets used to trips outside, you can unroll the flaps that cover the side mesh windows for a better view.

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4 Wheel Cat Stroller With Raincoat

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This cat stroller from Amazon comes in four cute colors and with everything you need for a walk in the park (and beyond). There's a detachable cushion, two cup holders, a storage tray, a convenient storage compartment, and an included all-weather cover to keep your cat nice and dry if you get caught in a surprise storm. 

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TubyTime Foldable Pet Stroller With Waterproof Cat Carrier

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If you plan on taking your cat off roading—whether it's a hike in the hills or a stroll through sidewalks that have seen better days—this roomy cat stroller makes sure the ride is as smooth as possible. It's all thanks to 360-degree rotating rubber wheels that minimize the feel of bumps. Though it's also suitable for dogs thanks to the 55-pound capacity, larger cats will enjoy the extra space. 

Shop now: TubyTime Foldable Pet Stroller With Waterproof Cat Carrier, $126;

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HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller with Detach Carrier

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Another versatile option, this 3-in-1 cat stroller features the handy detachable carrier (a must if you haven't yet mastered cat harness training) that doubles as a car seat. The frame itself also includes convenient features like pump-free rubber tires and an adjustable handlebar that allows you to create the custom height that best suits you.

Shop now: HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller with Detach Carrier, $220;

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Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Dog & Cat Stroller

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Though it can accommodate up to a 75-pound dog, this pet jogging stroller can also work for cats. The large compartment offers plenty of space for your cat to find a cozy corner (for further security, there are also two tethers that can work with a harness). Shock absorbers keep the ride smooth, and the wheels are made to never go flat. 

Shop now: Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Dog & Cat Stroller, $187;

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VIAGDO Double Pet Stroller

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Have twice the fun on your next walk with this folding double cat stroller. The lightweight compartments can each accommodate cats up to 17 pounds and be used as booster seats or carriers. Three zippered "entrances" (one at the rear, one at the front, and one on top) give you options for getting your cat in (and out) of the compartment. 

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BestPet Pet Stroller

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With almost 1,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, the BestPet Pet Stroller proves that a budget cat stroller can also be a quality cat stroller. Reviewers particularly highlight the ease of set-up (it all just snaps together) and maneuverability. Although the design is simple, there are six colors and patterns for those who want a more distinctive look. Plus, the compartment has a generous size that offers plenty of space for your cat to get comfy. 

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Good2Go Paws Up Reflective Gray Cat Stroller

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This cat stroller from Petco may be gray, but reflective trim makes sure that you're visible during an evening walk. One of the lighter-weight cat strollers on the market, the frame and compartment comes in at 13.2 pounds. It also collapses easily after the walk is over, making this option a great one for city dwellers who have to deal with stairs and small storage spaces. 

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Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller

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Another great option for those who have to contend with stairs, this folding cat stroller from Chewy weighs only 11 pounds—the same as the average cat weight. However, it can accommodate cats up to 20 pounds. The compartment is simply designed with a zip-around, front-loading entry that features a large mesh "window." You do get some extras: A roomy bottom storage basket and a mesh pocket that can hold keys or a phone.

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Pet Gear Travel Lite Pet Stroller

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This simple, lightweight folding stroller is similar to the Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller but without the bottom storage basket or mesh pocket for small items. Though the stroller comes with a removable liner for the main compartment, there's enough room to add a blanket for extra warmth. 

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Paws & Pals 2-in-1 Detachable Cat Stroller & Carrier

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If you have a large breed (like a Maine coon or ragdoll), a cat stroller with a large capacity is a must. The compartment of this folding stroller measures 24 inches long and 14 inches wide, offering a lot of space for one or even two cats, if they get along well. The compartment also detaches from the frame to double as a handy carrier. 

Shop now: Paws & Pals 2-in-1 Detachable Cat Stroller & Carrier, $200;

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Pawhut Folding Standard Stroller With Detachable Carrier

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With its faux-leather trim and denim-esque fabric, this cat stroller is one of the more stylish options out there. The oblong shape of the compartment (which doubles as a carrier) feels familiar for cats who prefer round cat beds. If your feline is used to a harness, the interior tether can be clipped on to keep her secure if you'd like to put the canopy down. 

Shop now: Pawhut Folding Standard Stroller With Detachable Carrier, $140;

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Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller

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This cat stroller may be light (it weighs a little over 11 pounds), but it has a higher weight capacity than other options at the under $50 price point. Though the 45-pound capacity is relevant for dog owners, it also means that the fabric is extra durable. The compartment design creates more privacy for cats who don't feel as comfortable with a panorama-style full-mesh front window.

Shop now: Paws & Pals Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller, $50;

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WONDERFOLD P1 Folding Pet Stroller Wagon

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With a small window at the front of the generously-sized compartment and a half-mesh canopy, this is another cat stroller that's better suited for felines who don't want to feel as "exposed" as they would with a larger mesh window. The folding canopy (which also creates the entry opening) closes securely with a clamp instead of a zipper, a good feature to have when your hands are full.

Shop now: WONDERFOLD P1 Folding Pet Stroller Wagon, $115;

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HPZ Pet Rover Lite Pet Stroller Travel Carriage

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If a trip is in your future, this folding cat stroller has the features you need. It folds down with one hand, has a pop-up towing handle for easy transport, fits perfectly in an overhead compartment (or the trunk of your car), and includes a handy travel bag. Take advantage of the fun features like the retractable meal bowl and expandable compartments in the front and back of the stroller. 

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