Plaid monogramed car seat cover covers back of car, ready for yellow lab
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12 of the Best Dog Car Seat Covers To Keep Your Dog Safe (and Protect Your Car)

If your dog is your favorite travel companion, this one’s for you.
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Whether it's a simple trip to the vet or a cross-country road trip, any parent of a puppo knows how excited their dog gets at the mention of leaving the house. But taking your four-legged friend for a ride also means dealing with a potential mess afterward: muddy paw prints, pet hair, and slobber all over the car seats. Not to mention the possibility of motion sickness or nervous pups who throw up on the way there. We get it—puke happens. But one of the best ways to keep your car clean (and help keep your pup safe while you're driving) is by getting a doggy car seat cover. 

Not only do they give your dog a designated place to rest their paws on a car ride, dog car seat covers can also help to make the bumps and turns more comfortable for your pup. No more falling into the floor of the back seat after a sudden brake or jumping into your lap and potentially causing an accident.

Many versions of car seat covers for dogs are made of a nonslip material, which makes it easier for your pup to get in and out of the car or look out the windows. They can also be a better alternative to a crate, which might not be comfortable for long rides or work as well for dogs who are not completely comfortable in the car or their crate. Full access to the back seat or passenger side may help to put them at ease.

As you search for the perfect seat cover for your dog, keep an eye out for benefits like easy installation or machine washable fabric. Below are 12 of the best dog car seat covers, from best budget to most stylish and options for the passenger seat, back seat, and trunk.


Best Overall: Convertible Pet Seat Cover

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With nearly 13,000 reviews, this seat cover caught our attention immediately. This one transforms between a trunk style, a hammock style, and a bench style, depending on whether or not you have additional passengers. It has four layers of waterproof protection that can easily be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth if your dog has an accident.

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Best Budget: Ktaxon Dog Car Seat Cover

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At only $25, this hammock style seat cover does it all, and for an affordable price! It can go in the washing machine, and the nonslip material helps lower the risk of your pup sliding around on a winding road. There's even a mesh window in the middle that allows your dog to see you and get some A/C.

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Best Splurge: Plush Paws Quilted Velvet Seat Cover

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Between the thick padding and cushy velvet, this is a car seat cover made for a king. And according to reviews, it's worth every penny—100 percent stain proof and waterproof, it's built to last for years of road trips and drive thru runs. Your dog will basically get the next best thing to sitting right on your lap.

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Best for Passenger Seat: Barksbar Pet Front Seat Cover

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Maybe having your BFF ride shotgun is more your speed—if so, check out this pet cover that's meant to fit the passenger seat of all standard vehicles. Quilted padding ensures your pup stays comfortable on a long drive. If your dog prefers the front seat, just don't forget to use a car harness for safety.

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Best for Back Seat: Plush Paws Quilted Hammock

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Use this dog seat cover in multiple ways—drape it over the edge of the seats to allow passengers to sit, or attach it to the front headrests to create a hammock that keeps your dog off the floor. Available in three colors and two sizes, this hammock also comes with adjustable seat belts and harnesses for the traveling pooch.

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Best for Trunk Hatch: Trunk Cargo Liner Floor Mat

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This waterproof liner folds up when not in use and is easy to quickly install when it comes time for a vet trip. Especially if you have a big dog or one that prefers to roam the back of your SUV or station wagon, this cover protects your vehicle from all the water, dirt, and hair that would normally soil a clean car. Just be sure to measure your back hatch before purchasing.

Shop now: Trunk Cargo Liner Floor Mat, $25;


Best Design: Custom Tartan Seat Cover

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If you're looking for a dog car seat cover you can be proud to show off, look no further than this custom handmade seat protector from Etsy. It's easy to install and comes in two different sizes depending on your vehicle type. And the best part: You can customize the cover with your pup's name!

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Best Washable: Yes Pets Oxford Bench Dog Car Seat Cover

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This super simple bench style seat cover is made with stabilizers that tuck between the car seats to prevent sliding. After a day of fun with your furry friend, just remove the cover and throw it right in the washing machine for easy cleanup!

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Best Hammock: Pet Safe Happy Ride Quilted Hammock

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Between the quilted heavy duty cotton fabric and the leather straps, this hammock-style seat cover looks as good as it functions. The hammock design prevents your dog from falling off the seat in the event you need to hit the brakes. Plus, it comes with two pockets to keep your dog's travel essentials, like a leash or some "t-r-e-a-t-s."

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Best Compact: Pawriffic Convertible Dog Car Seat Cover

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We love this dog car seat cover because it's ideal for small spaces—install comfortably in your front passenger seat and help ensure your small dog feels safe while traveling. You can even zip the flaps down to protect the sides of the seat while your pup jumps up and in the car.

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Best for Large Dogs: Paws & Pals Dog Trunk Bed Liner

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Keep the back of your van or SUV clean with this trunk cover intended for the largest of pooches. Keep their toys handy in the convenient pockets and simply empty them out when you're ready to throw it in the wash. One reviewer says this liner provided so much comfort that it distracted her cats from tearing her car seats.

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Best No-Fuss: YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

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Finally, this bench-style seat cover installs in a snap and is compatible with multiple passengers and seat belts. This cover allows you to unzip the middle panel to use the armrest or middle seat on a long car journey. And once it's in, it won't budge—the nonslip bottom ensures everything (and everyone) stays safe.

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