Chocolate lab lays in dog bike trailer
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12 Best Dog Bike Trailers To Bike With Your Dog In Style

From tail wagons to convertible strollers you can push when you're not pedaling, these bike trailers are great for bringing your pup out for a spin safely.
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A dog bike trailer makes the most sense for anybody with a dog, a bike, and a taste for two-wheeled speed. If you're unfamiliar, a doggy bike trailer is an enclosed compartment on wheels that attaches to the back of your bicycle. The trailer allows you to bring your dog along on every biking adventure without worrying about keeping a close eye on them as they run alongside you. It's not always the safest to keep your dog leashed while you pedal, and especially if you have an elderly or small dog that can't keep up, bike trailers are the answer.

First, you'll want to look for a trailer that is compatible with the wheel size on your bike. Every model is different, so it's important to do your research to make sure the chosen bike trailer will be compatible with your personal bike. You'll also want to consider the weight capacity—there are a variety of sizes to accommodate most breeds, so pick a trailer with enough support so your dog feels secure. Look for additional bonus features like a bug screen, sun canopy, doors, or leash hooks that can all be useful in keeping your four-legged friend safe. Keep reading for our favorite selection of dog bike trailers, and discover the perfect match for your dog.

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Pet Safe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bike Trailer

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This dog bike trailer fits a variety of mid-to-large size pups (take a look at the the smiling corgi and the proud German shepherd on the Amazon product page for proof). The durable yet lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to lift and tow, and a safety tether on the inside hooks to your pet's collar to keep them safe and contained once inside.

Shop now: Pet Safe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bike Trailer, $190;

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Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller

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Yup, you read that right. It's a trailer for your bike AND a stroller for your pup—no tools necessary. With tons of adjustable features, you'll be able to take your pet with you everywhere you go without worrying about a leash. It even comes with storage pockets and a removable weather-resistant canopy for the harsh sun or wet rain.

Shop now: Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller, $190;

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Hosley Dog Pet Stroller

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Made from water-resistant polyester fabric, this dual pet stroller and trailer keeps your pup safe and dry while they join you on your journey. This one has two doors (one in front and one in back) for easy entering and exiting. The little red flag is just a bonus to help make sure vehicles and other bikers take note of your precious cargo!

Shop now: Hosley Dog Pet Stroller, $110;

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Booyah Small Dog Pet Bike Trailer

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Calling all Chihuahuas and Pomeranians! For the smallest of the small, there's the Booyah bicycle trailer—it only holds pups up to 20 pounds. And in true teacup fashion, there's a glamorous sunroof for your sassy pooch to soak up the sun. Next stop: Hollywood!

Shop now: Booyah Small Dog Pet Bike Trailer, $150;

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Trixie Premium Quick Fold Dog Bike Trailer

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Safety is always paramount, right? With this trailer, you can feel at ease that your best pal is 100-percent secure. The trailer features include a parking brake, a leash tether, water-resistant polyester, and reflectors. It even has a memory foam interior pad that lets your dog get some serious R&R while you do all the hard work pedaling.

Shop now: Trixie Premium Quick Fold Dog Bike Trailer, $293;

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Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

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At just over $100, this is one of the more affordable trailers to make the list. A rear doggy door allows for easy access, while the nonslip interior is removable and washable. But hold your horses (dogs? bikes?), because this particular trailer only holds one pet up to 50 pounds. Sorry, Marmaduke!

Shop now: Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, $105;

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Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Per Stroller and Trailer

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This stroller-trailer combo can hold dogs up to 66 pounds. The handle bar adjusts with the push of a button, so whether you're prepping for a bike ride or taking a stroll around town, you (and your dog) are always prepared. A weather-resistant polyester bug screen keeps both rain and unwanted critters on the outside.

Shop now: Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Per Stroller and Trailer, $170;

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ibiyaya Heavy Duty Dog Stroller and Bike Trailer

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Front and rear doors and large mesh windows allow your dog to get the best possible view while he rides in the Cadillac of doggy bike trailers. Shock-absorbing rubber wheels are suitable for every terrain, even bike trails! The roomy storage pocket and cup holder (yes, cup holder!) make this 2-in-1 accessory super practical.

Shop now: ibiyaya Heavy Duty Dog Stroller and Bike Trailer, $300;

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PetSafe Happy Ride Cat and Dog Bicycle Trailer

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Big dogs like to go along for rides, too! This dog bike trailer has both a medium and a large option, the latter withstanding up to 110 pounds for our furry friends who are on the larger side. Mesh windows in the front, rear, and side of the trailer give your dog great air circulation during rides... not to mention the best view of the trail.

Shop now: PetSafe Happy Ride Cat and Dog Bicycle Trailer, $210;

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Sepnine 2-in-1 Dog Bike Trailer and Jogger

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Old-fashioned RV or cute way to push or pull your dog? You tell me. Either way, this adorable dog buggy comes in four bright colors to let everyone know who truly owns the road. Reviewers rave about how lightweight and easy to fold it is, so you can take it along for a ride or push your dog as you would in a stroller with ease. Plus, it's designed with runners in mind, so when you're not pulling it along behind your bike, your dog can come along for your morning jog.

Shop now: Sepnine 2-in-1 Dog Bike Trailer and Jogger, $146;

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Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer

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This trailer has it all. The removable floor makes for easy cleanup, the mesh windows let your pup's ears blow in the breeze, and easy-to-access cargo pockets help you store ALL the treats for your ride on the trails. Its compact design allows for a simplified way to fold up for storage or to stow in the trunk between uses. One user shared a picture of her dog inside the trailer on the beach—meaning the Burley is designed to go wherever you go.

Shop now: Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer, $320;

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Radcliff Bike Foldable Pet Carrier

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Finally, this dog bike trailer holds up to 90 pounds and looks good doing it. With top, front, and back doors, your pet can easily climb in and out or peer out the windows. Equipped with a weather-resistant shield, you can protect your furry friend from the rain, wind, sun, or unexpected debris. 

Shop now: Radcliff Bike Foldable Pet Carrier, $180;