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Bring Your Pup Along for the Ride With These 12 Dog Bike Baskets

Take your four-legged friend on two wheels with these bike baskets.
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We can never have enough time with our pups. Whether you're a hardcore cyclist or a hobby bicyclist, if you're a dog lover there's no doubt that you want to bring your furry friend along on your bike riding adventures. Dog bike baskets make that possible and ensure that they safely enjoy the experience. While you could opt for a dog bike trailer, a bike basket puts them front and center. You'll get to watch as your dog soaks in their surroundings with their tongue out and fur flowing in the wind.

Bike baskets for dogs come in different sizes and styles to accommodate tons of different dog breed sizes. While determining which carrier is right for you and your pup, pay close attention to weight limits to ensure sizing and safety. Prioritize bike baskets that have safety features—support bars and a belt or leash—so your hands are free to steer the bike to your destination and away from any hazardous road blocks.

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ANZOME Bike Basket

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This is one of the top-rated bike baskets on Amazon with over 1,152 ratings. It can hold dogs up to 11 pounds, and it's made of solid, waterproof Oxford fabric. Since the basket does not include a belt, the maker recommends using a leash to secure your pet's harness to the handlebar.

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PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Bicycle Basket for Dogs

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With its adorable wicker-style, this basket has a vintage-inspired look. The resin wicker is water resistant, and a sheepskin-style fleece liner keeps your dog comfortable. Brackets and safety straps attach the basket to your bike, and three-way adjustments help you get the fit just right. A removable sun shield somehow makes it even cuter!

Shop now: PetSafe Happy Ride Wicker Bicycle Basket for Dogs, $55;

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Assateague Medium Willow Bicycle Basket

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This dog bike basket strives for a more authentic vintage look. It's hand-made of woven willow but is just as strong as other models, thanks to a strong metal frame that connects to the integrated handle. The basket includes a bicycle brace, plus two adjustable leashes to keep your dogs safe. When you're not toting dogs around town, you can detach the basket to use for shopping.

Shop now: Assateague Medium Willow Bicycle Basket, $100;

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COFIT Detachable Bike Basket

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Another top-rated dog basket for bikes with 1,259 ratings, this model features fold-up handles. It's made of waterproof 600D Oxford fabric and comes in four color choices. An internal zippered pocket and pockets in the front and sides provide tons of storage. The basket detaches easily but stays securely on the bike thanks to mounted brackets.

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RAYMACE Dog Bike Basket Bag

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Get the most bang for your buck with a bike basket that can also function as a backpack-style carrier and a booster seat. It can hold dogs up to 15 pounds. This basket attaches to the handlebars with straps, and some reviewers with dogs close to the maximum weight have added a shelf for added security. Its breathable mesh lining can be used to create an opening and also includes a safety tether. 

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BARKBAY Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket

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This carrier is nearly identical to the previous RAYMACE model, but this one doesn't have a reflective strip and is half an inch deeper and wider. It can also accommodate dogs up to 19 pounds, though some reviewers have used it with dogs up to 24 pounds.

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K&H Pet Products Travel Bike Dog Backpack

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Although this product is primarily a carrier or dog backpack, it can also be used as a dog basket for a bike. If you're concerned about safety (rightly so), one benefit to this carrier is that the dog is completely enclosed so he can't jump out and escape. Because it's enclosed, you're limited by the basket's dimensions—it's better for petite dogs. They'll be able to take in their surroundings through the mesh window.

Shop now: K&H Pet Products Travel Bike Dog Backpack, $73;

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BARKBAY Dog Bike Basket Carrier

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Like the K&H Travel Backpack, this is primarily a carrier that can double as a bike basket. The basket holds dogs up to 11 pounds and can be used as an enclosed carrier, or zip open the top panel to let your dog poke her head out. The side pops out into a mesh tunnel so it's expandable when you arrive at your destination. Though the feature is more useful for cats, if you're at a location where dogs can't roam freely, it can offer a little extra space to hang out.

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K&H Pet Products Travel Dog Bike Basket

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With two size options, this basket fits small pups (up to 10 pounds) and medium dogs (up to 20 pounds). The open-air style is a simple polyester-and-fleece lined basket that attaches via mounting hardware. Securely tote treats and leashes into the side zip pockets and pack a water bottle into the mesh pocket on the other side. The dual-leash design inside keeps your pet safely inside the basket.

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Pet-Pilot Original Dog Basket Carrier

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Specifically designed for small dogs up to 8 pounds, this petite dog basket fits most bikes easily. The sherpa-lined padded foam floor keeps your dog cozy on chillier days, while the front mesh vent offers cooling air flow when needed. Available in five sporty colors, the reflective safety strips tuck into pockets on the front and sides. The two-point safety leash attaches to your dog's harness and is also designed to accommodate taller dogs.

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Snoozer Sporty Bike Pet Basket

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At 10x10x13 inches, this compact basket would fit a wider variety of bikes. Pick from a red or orange style—whatever would best match your bike (and your dog). It accommodates dogs up to 15 pounds and attaches to the handlebars with straps and a bottom support bar. For smaller dogs, add a pad or blanket for a snuggly fit.

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LEMKA Dog Bicycle Basket

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This budget-friendly, soft-sided basket carries dogs up to 15 pounds (or a cat, as shown in the image). You can fold it down completely when not in use, but make it bike-ready with inserts and a cushion. Use the metal support bars and the stabilizer bar to attach it to your bike. 

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