dog training supplies including a bag, training bells, clicker, and whistle
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This Puppy Training Set Is 15% Off Right Now—Here's Why We Love It

This has everything you need to start training your new puppy.
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Training your new puppy (or your recently adopted older dog) can be a challenge! But with the right tools and guidance, it can be much easier and less daunting than you might think. This puppy training set from Amazon comes with everything you'll need to get your training started off on the right foot, er paw, and for a limited time, Daily Paws readers can get this training set at a special discounted price.

This dog training set includes a treat pouch, a clicker, potty training bells, and an ultrasonic whistle, and Amazon shoppers love how it has equipped them to start their positive reinforcement training journey with their new pups. Now through 11:59 p.m. on April 12, you can get 15 percent off by entering our exclusive Amazon promo code, DOGTOYS15, at checkout.

puppy training kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Treat pouches are a great tool for training any dog, especially puppies, as they help you to be more hands-free and organized, says Haylee Bergeland, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, RBT, and Daily Paws' pet health and behavior editor. "You can store all your awesome reinforcers in a handy place, keeping your pockets clean, and avoiding the smells of treats on your clothes while helping you to deliver a treat quickly."

Clicker training is extremely popular for dog training, and for good reason. "When paired with your pup's favorite reinforcer, like a tasty treat, the sound of the clicker becomes a signal that your pup will get that wonderful goodie," Bergeland says. "It makes learning more clear and precise for them ... and more fun!"

This set also comes with potty training bells. Bells are a great way to teach your dog how to communicate that they need to go outside, thus reducing accidents and making the whole potty training experience easier.

While Bergeland does not recommend using the ultrasonic whistle for help with teaching commands (that's what the clicker is for!), she says it can be used in emergency situations to keep your pup safe.

"If your pup is heading toward danger or accidentally got away from you, you can blow the whistle to get their attention," Bergeland says. "As soon as your pup approaches you can click and give them lots and lots of their favorite treats. The whistle should not replace teaching your pup to come when called and should be reserved for emergencies."

Remember, training should be a positive experience for both you and your pup. Keep training sessions short and fun so your pup doesn't get bored—you don't get frustrated.