interactive robot cat toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This Incredible Robot Cat Toy Will Keep Your Kitty Entertained for Hours

Perfect for when we all go back to work.
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Have you loved being at home during the pandemic with your cats, or even added a few to your pack? With all the extra playtime and snuggles—how could you not? We're sure your kitty has loved having you home, too, but it can be a little nerve-wracking to think about your cat feeling lonely once you go back to work.

Enter Enabot's robot cat toy, called the Ebo Catpal. The Ebo is a robot, according to Amazon, that is specifically "designed to prevent loneliness and boredom in your cat while you are not at home." This little genius is built with artificial intelligence to learn your cat's habits, moods, and play style. It's "eyes," (movements like rolling and dancing), and sounds mimic real-life play to ensure your cat will be entertained and stay engaged.

enabot ebo catpal robot cat toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shop now: Enabot Ebo Catpal, $239;

You can control Ebo's actions remotely through an app and even set up pre-planned playtimes. The 1080p HD camera gives you a real-time video of your cat's every move. You can even play with your cat while you're away through the live-streaming capabilities. Try taking videos and pictures of your kitties to use for social media posts—the app comes with tons of editing and social sharing features.

Enabot also offers a smart tracking collar (sold separately) to track your cat's movements and make sure they're getting enough exercise each day

By using this self-charging, interactive, dancing, playing, noise-making robot with built-in sensors for obstacle avoidance, you can have peace of mind while you're away at work, out with your friends, or even in the next room.