The finding technology is directly embedded in a lightweight, silicone tag so you can easily keep tabs on your pup.
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woman kissing dog that is wearing his QALO tag
Credit: Courtesy of QALO

QALO has been taking the pet world by storm with their jingle-free silicone dog identification tags. Now they're bringing another feature to those dog tags to give pet owners more peace of mind. QALO has partnered with Tile to bring their Bluetooth finding technology to the signature silicone dog ID tags to create TraQ.

TraQ is available in five styles that match QALO's signature styles: three patterned options (ocean sunrise, sunrise wild one, and neon mountain) as well as two solid colors (navy and pastel pink). The ID tags, available for $50, are waterproof for up to an hour, up to 1 meter, and have a non-replaceable battery that lasts up to two years. The tags are customizable, so you can add your dog's name, your contact information, and your pup's microchip status.

To use, simply add TraQ to your dog's collar, download the Tile app, and rest easy knowing you can find your dog nearby, whether they found a new hiding spot inside the house or in the backyard. If your dog is outside of the 200-feet Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view their most recent location or enlist the help of the Tile Network to aid in your search.

Along with the new TraQ tags, QALO has released a new dog capsule collection of easy-to-clean silicone leashes, collars, and collapsible bowls. These can be bought separately or in bundles with TraQ.

Microchipping is the tried-and-true way to help you and your pet reunite should they get lost. Because the microchip is implanted into your pup, there's no risk of not being able to identify the dog if their collar or tag falls off, which is why we prefer microchipping first and foremost. But, with the increase in Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices for pets, it's not a bad idea to invest in one for extra peace of mind.