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These Dog GPS Trackers Can Help You Keep Tabs on Your Pet

GPS tracking gives pet parents a technological way to stay on their dog’s tail.
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One of the best parts of having a dog is sharing your life's adventures with a rambunctious, eager playmate. But life with your canine companion can be anxiety inducing, too—especially if your pooch never misses a chance to do an escape act or chase a bunny off into the sunset. Whether you're constantly running after your curious canine or you just want to give your playful pup a little more freedom, it could be time to buy a GPS tracker for your dog.

GPS trackers can help you hunt down missing pets, alert you if your dog leaves the yard, and give you general peace of mind. Most location monitors for pets work using GPS activity tracking, Bluetooth, WiFI, or some combination of the three to track your pet's movements and pinpoint their exact location via a companion app.

From tiny tracking devices that attach to dog collars to extended-range GPS locators designed to withstand water on hunting expeditions, there's something on this list to fit nearly every dog owner's lifestyle. Get ready to hit the hiking trails, campsites, and swimming holes with these reliable dog GPS trackers the next time the two of you adventure off the beaten path.

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Link Plus Smart Dog GPS Tracker

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The Link Plus pet tracker uses the power of GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi to help you stay hot on your dog's trail at all times. Use the free companion app to do everything from logging walking routes to keeping track of vet records. The Link tracker is embedded in a stylish, genuine leather collar with a waterproof design.

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Whistle Go Explore Health & Location Tracker

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The Whistle Go Explore dog GPS tracker requires a subscription service that provides connection to AT&T's cellular network and costs less than $10 per month. With your subscription, you get instant notifications when your pet leaves their designated safe space, real-time location tracking, access to tele-veterinary services, and even behavior and health monitoring.

Shop now: Whistle Go Explore Health & Location Tracker for Pets, $110;

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Pawscout Electronic Tracking Pet Tag

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Pawscout's affordable, electronic pet tracker relies on Bluetooth rather than GPS to help you track down your pooch. Unlike more high-tech GPS options, you will need to be within 300 feet of your pet to know their exact location—but you'll still get notifications when your pet goes out of range. This option is ideal for use in enclosed spaces or finding shy pets who like to hide around the house.

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Tractive GPS Locator for Dogs

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For dogs who love to roam free, try Tractive's GPS locator and subscription service. Tractive has unlimited range, so you can pinpoint your pooch's location from almost anywhere in the world. The tracking device is a small, waterproof accessory that attaches to your dogs collar and refreshes his location every few minutes. The rechargeable battery lasts up to five days with only two hours of charge time.

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Fi Series 2 Smart Dog Collar

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This smart collar for dogs has a built-in GPS tracker that can locate your pup, deliver alerts when your dog leaves a designated area, and monitor activity levels. The Fi Series 2 is waterproof and rechargeable, with the ability to go up to 30 days on a full charge. This sophisticated smart collar is available in a range of sizes and bold colors, including pink, blue, and yellow.

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JIOBIT GPS Location Monitor

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The JIOBIT GPS tracker for pets uses a combination of cellular service, GPS, and Bluetooth to help you pinpoint your pet's location quickly. The lightweight monitor is designed to attach to your dog's collar and has a durable, water-resistant design to withstand any situation your pup gets into.

Shop now: JIOBIT GPS Dog and Cat Location Monitor, $130;

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PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

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PetFon's dog GPS tracker doesn't require any monthly service or subscription and uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to help track your dog's movement. PetFon connects to a companion mobile app that locates your pup, allows you to set security boundaries for your pet, and notifies you when your dog has left the designated safe space.

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COKO Pet GPS Tracker Device for Collar

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This GPS tracker attaches to an included dog collar to let you monitor your pet's location from a website and mobile app. The collar and GPS tracking device are waterproof and sturdy to stand up to swimming, playing, running, rolling, and whatever else your dog does for fun.

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Get escape alerts, live GPS tracking information, sleep and activity monitoring, and more for your dog with the FitBark dog tracker. This lightweight, waterproof dog tracker attaches easily to your pup's collar and connects to your smartphone, FitBit, Apple Watch, and other devices for easy updates.

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PETBIZ Real-Time Dog Locator

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If you live in a part of the U.S. with spotty service that doesn't respond to other GPS trackers, try this real-time tracker from PETBIZ. This sleek GPS device for dogs has extended cellular range and can help you find out before buying if your location has coverage. Along with live location updates, this wearable pet tech will track your pet's activity levels and offer feeding recommendations.

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Garmin T5

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If you need serious coverage—think hiking, swimming, or letting your pup loose to play in the woods or for hunting expeditions together—you'll want the Garmin T5 dog tracker. This rugged GPS device definitely isn't for everyday because the extended range antenna attached to the collar can be a little cumbersome, but it's the ideal accessory for outdoor adventures with your pet. This collar also has LED beacon lights and a rescue mode for emergencies.

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