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QALO Launches TraQ, A New Bluetooth-Enabled Dog ID Tag

The finding technology is directly embedded in a lightweight, silicone tag so you can easily keep tabs on your pup.

Can Apple's AirTag Help Us Keep Track of Our Dogs? Potentially

These handy new devices are designed for keeping track of things we lose every day like keys, wallets, and backpacks. But could they also be used to keep track of pets?

New NOSEiD App Can Reunite Missing Dogs With Their Owners Using Nose Scans

The new app from IAMS, which allows you to collect your dog's unique nose scan, is another tool to make sure you never lose your dog for long.

Never Miss a Dog Walking By Your House With This AI-Video System

When attached to a megaphone, the system from Youtuber Ryder Calm Down will even yell out compliments to the dogs walking by.

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