This Composer Will Turn a Photo of Your Pet Into a Symphony

Move over Beethoven, this is the only classical music that matters.

cat portrait made shee music by sympawnies
Photo: Courtesy of Noam Oxman

If you're part of the niche crowd that has ever wondered what your pet would sound like as a piece of classical music—or maybe just a music-loving pet parent—you're in luck.

Sympawnies, created by Jerusalem-based musician Noam Oxman, creates pet portraits in the form of sheet music. And not only will your pet look like a symphony, the portrait is an actual composition of an original song. Just check out this 90-second piece that brings the photo of a cat to life in the form of a quartet:

Oxman, who studied composition and music theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Dance and Music, tells Daily Paws he created Sympawnies to combine his love of music, animals and drawing. He and his partner are pet parents to three cats, O'Malley, Mazie, and Michael. And yes, they all each have their own "sympawny."

Each piece ranges from 30 seconds to three minutes and can be played by scanning a QR code at the bottom of the artwork. While most of the pieces are commissioned for cats and dogs, Oxman can also compose a pet portrait of other animals, like this adorable bunny.

Oxman tells Daily Paws that the drawings of his compositions are most affected by the photo and shape of the animal. But the animal-loving musician also attempts to capture the pet's personality in the style of music. When he shares the pieces online, he compares "lush harmonies and voices" with a cat's fur and describes a melody as "rather bouncy—like a rabbit."

If you're somehow still not convinced that this is the best pet gift ever, each piece is named with a musical pet pun such as 'adogio' or 'quarcat.'

Oxman says about 20 percent of the profits from Sympawnies are donated to feed and rescue stray cats. You can purchase your own musical pet portrait on Sympawnie's Facebook or Instagram or listen to the full collection of Sympawnies on YouTube.

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