We all know kitties make the purr-fect dates.
woman kissing her cat on valentine's day
Credit: Pakkawit Anantaya / EyeEm / Getty

Chances are your cat already knows she's the ruler of your heart, but it couldn't hurt to reinforce the message this Valentine's Day. Your feline friend might not understand the significance of the holiday, but she's sure to soak up every ounce of attention she can get anyway. Besides—do you really need a reason to spoil your kitty?

From sharing a glass of cat wine to baking catnip treats and building a new scratching post, we've rounded up some of the best things to do together to give your cat the best Valentine's Day. No matter what you choose to do, we're sure you'll have tons of fun with your furry, four-legged date (the best kind of date, in our opinion).

1. Bake Homemade Goodies

homemade tuna and catnip treats in a jar
Credit: Daily Paws / Jason Donnelly

Your kitty might not get to enjoy a romantic spread of cheese and olives, but she can definitely chow down on some tuna. Cooking for your cat is one way to prove your devotion, and Daily Paws has some easy homemade cat treat recipes sure to please even the pickiest kitty. For these tuna and catnip kitty treats, tuna, catnip, and egg whites quickly come together for a delicious goodie. 

2. Share a Glass of Wine

Valentine's Day usually involves a glass of wine or two, and why shouldn't your cat have the opportunity to indulge right along with you? Gift them a little bottle of cat wine made with water and salmon oil and infused with catnip. Cheers!

3. Build a New Scratching Post

two cats lounging and playing on a DIY cat scratcher next to a window in their home
Credit: Brie Passano

Cats notoriously love a good view. This Valentine's Day, go ahead and show your cat how much you love her by building her the best seat in the house that doubles as a place she can scratch her heart out (while saving your couch!). This DIY cat scratching post is fairly easy to make using wood panels, pieces of carpet and rope, and some nails and glue.

4. Gift Her a New Toy

Don't leave your kitty fishing for attention this Valentine's Day—instead, get her some interactive toys to keep her entertained and engaged. A little extra playtime together is the perfect way to celebrate (and it's great for her brain and body).

5. Enjoy the Outdoors

gray scottish fold cat with pink harness out for a walk
Credit: Asurobson / Getty

Taking your indoor cat on a safe outdoor stroll can be a great way to spend time together and show them a little extra love. The outdoors can be dangerous for cats, so it's important to take safety precautions. An escape-proof harness and leash is a must for walks—we think a pink or red pattern would be perfect to celebrate V-Day.

6. Give Her a Massage

Extra pets and rubs are always welcome, which is why a head-to-tail massage might be your best bet. Human interaction is a meaningful, tangible way for cats to feel loved and appreciated. To make your massage do double-duty as grooming, grab a grooming mitt and pick up loose hair with every stroke.

7. Play a New Game

cat playing game in tunnel as an obstacle course with woman in the background
Credit: CasarsaGuru / Getty

Is your kitty the queen of your heart? Show her how much she's loved by playing a new game together—we've got eight fun options for you to try. And yes, cats can learn tricks, how to fetch, and more.

8. Take a Long Nap

Just spending time together is a fantastic way to show your feline friend how much you care. Some extra cuddles on the couch, hunkering down for a movie night together, or making a few extra moments of time when you'd normally be busy is a gift your kitty will certainly appreciate. If you want to make time spent snuggling extra special, do it with a cute custom blanket designed just for your cat.

9. Build a New House That Doubles as Decor

This DIY Cat House Doubles as a Mid-Century Modern Accent Table
Credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg Photography LLC

Pet furniture can still be stylish, and if your style leans mid-century modern, this piece will look perfect in your space. It's a win-win for both of you. This DIY option costs about $40 to make and uses tools you might already have in your arsenal.

10. Garden Together

Your cat may not appreciate a bouquet of roses this February 14, but we can think of some other plant life that might pique her interest. For example, a cat grass growing kit designed for your kitty to snack on wouldn't go unnoticed. Eating grass can help your kitty's digestion, and this kit comes with everything you need to start your own cat-safe indoor grass garden.