A survey from OneVet asked more than 1,000 pet parents how much they spoil their dogs and cats come the holidays. Some people are fine to buy one present, but others opt for three or four.
man with his black dog surrounded by dog Christmas gifts
Credit: Zinkevych / Getty

Everyone should be pro-spoiling our pets at all times, but we all know to really kick it up a notch when the holidays arrive. So how many gifts should you get for your dog or cat? How much should you spend? 

That's what OneVet tried to find out with a recent survey, and maybe it'll give you an idea of how much to shower your pet in gifts—whether that ends up as a light sprinkle or a torrential downpour of presents. 

OneVet surveyed 1,036 pet parents across the country, asking how many presents they buy for their pet during Christmas and the other winter holidays. Here's what they said: 

  • None: 7 percent (borderline rude if you have the financial means)
  • One: 23 percent (good, everyone deserves a present)
  • Two: 32 percent (very nice, very nice)
  • Three: 20 percent (must be one of those millennial couples without human kids)
  • Four: 9 percent (this is honestly a lot of presents for anyone)
  • Five: 9 percent (OK, Bezos)

The answer on how many gifts you should buy for your pet is really up to you, but if you are looking for a benchmark, about 75 percent of the people surveyed fall from one to three presents.

But how many actual dollars should you fork over? More than 5 percent of OneVet's respondents said none, but nearly 71 percent said they spend from $1 to $50. About 18 percent will pony up $51 to $100 while just under 4 percent said they spend from $101 to $200. 

So nearly 90 percent of the pet parents surveyed will spend $100 or less, so maybe that's your sweet spot. In reality, whatever you feel comfortable spending is what you should spend. Don't listen to me or anyone else who gives you a dollar amount that you must spend on pet gifts. 

If you fall into that 90 percent and need some inspiration on how to spend that $100 or less, here are some gift ideas for when you are deciding what to get your dog or cat: 

Happy Holidays! (Even though it's not even Thanksgiving yet but whatever byeeeeee.)