Technically these stuffed animals are meant for human children, but whatever.
golden retriever sleeping while spooning his new IKEA golden retrieve stuffed animal
Credit: Courtesy of leticiafereguetti / TikTok

A second dog isn't in the cards for a lot of us, but there is an alternative for golden retriever owners whose best friends still need a pal. It's the golden retriever stuffed animal from IKEA. 

The gosig golden comes in a variety of sizes, with the biggest topping out at 27.5 inches long for $25. They're allegedly meant more for human children (as if), but several intrepid golden retriever parents have followed the correct notion that their pups need them even more. 

The results are quite cute and make me want one of those big golden stuffies just for me. I mean, come on:

A "very important item" indeed: 

Not exactly cuddle time here, but it's still clear Morris loves his new friend: 

Anyway, golden retriever owners can consider their holiday shopping sorted. Don't worry if you have another breed, we've got you covered there, too.