The 15 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers of All Kinds

Whether you’re shopping for a lifelong cat lady or new kitten owner, our gift guide has something just right.

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scratching post gift for cat lovers
Photo: Courtesy of Tuft + Paw

Every year, my friends and family tap into the "gifts for cat lovers" area of their brains and choose a cute drawing, cozy sleepwear, or feline-adorned stationary to get me for the holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love all these things—I just have a lot of them now from years of being the designated "cat lady" among my loved ones.

This year, gift the cat lovers in your life something they don't already have. If you're not tuned into the world of feline-related advancements (lucky for you, I am), you're probably unaware of the bevvy of companies that have come out with products over the past few years that offer cat households easy solutions to common grievances, like litter changing, and more attractive alternatives to bulky cat condos and scratching posts that too often negate careful home-decor decisions.

We made sure to include kitschy and clever small gifts for cat lovers as well as bigger ticket items that will improve any feline owner's life. Even if you yourself are not a cat expert, your giftee will never suspect it based on your present choice. From affordable picks to splurge-worthy pieces, these are the best gifts for cat lovers to shop in 2021.

Our Top Gifts for Cat Lovers This Holiday Season

Frond Scratch Post

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Tuft and Paw

Unless you live in a large enough space to have separate rooms or nooks for your cats and their belongings, finding products that blend seamlessly into your home is hard—but a major relief. Cats need to scratch their nails regularly for their happiness and health, but many trees and scratching posts are big, flimsy, or just plain ugly. Enter: Tuft + Paw. The brand's Frond Tree is functional with multiple cat perches while staying sleek in any modern home.

Shop now: Frond Scratch Post, $399;

Fat Cat Big Mama's Lappy Toppy Cat Toy

Fat Cat Big Mama's Lappy Toppy Cat Toy
Courtesy of Chewy

Why do cats love to trample all over keyboards and show complete disregard for your workspace? The jury's still out on that, but at least you can give your friend's little busy buddy his own WFH setup so everyone has ample space to "work."

Shop now: Fat Cat Big Mama's Lappy Toppy Cat Toy, $11;

Brass Cat Key Ring

Brass Cat Key Ring
Courtesy of Etsy

One of the best affordable gifts for cat lovers has to be this brass-plated key ring shaped like a cat's face. Rather than baring a cheesy pun or overly cutesy cartoon cat, the sleek key ring's unique design is both functional and special.

Shop now: Brass Cat Key Ring, $16;

Genuine Fred Wine Lives Kitty Drink Markers

genuine fred wine lives kitty drink markers
Courtesy of Amazon

These wine markers are flat-out adorable. Whether your giftee loves to host dinner parties or wind down with a glass at night, these kitties are the perfect companion to lay on a wine glass. No one knows how to appreciate lounging around better than cats, so these figurines will also add a touch of zen to any wine night.

Shop now: Genuine Fred Wine Lives Kitty Drink Markers, $10;

Wellibob Short Rain Boot

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Just because someone is a cat person doesn't mean they don't like dogs, too. Next time it's raining cats and dogs, your giftee can slip into a pair of rainboots adorned with the storm's namesakes. It's a cuter way to stay dry than trying to jump over puddles in your sneakers.

Shop now: Wellibob Short Rain Boot, $70;

Personalized Cat Dishes

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Amazon

If you're looking for a personalized gift for cat lovers, these dainty ceramic dishes are guaranteed to please. Your giftee can use the shallow bowl as a pet food dish or put it on a tabletop to organize other small trinkets or pet-related items. Choose between cat or fish bone designs, or pick up both for a matching set. Be sure to plan ahead with these because the custom dishes take one to three weeks to ship.

Shop now: Personalized Cat Dishes, $35;

Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Baking Bowls

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Amazon

If the person you're shopping for is a dual cat-and-recipe lover, these glazed ceramic measuring cups will fit right into his or her lifestyle. The set includes four different-sized cups that fit together neatly thanks to the convenient nesting design.

Shop now: Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups/Baking Bowls, $28;

Aromatherapy Soy Scented Candle for Pets

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Amazon

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have doled out perfect five-star reviews for this deodorizing soy candle with extra aromatherapy benefits. Pet parents say the calming effects work on both animal and owner, and many reviewers add that the scent is pleasantly subtle and say that even though the candle is small, "it packs a powerful punch!" The candles come in pretty glass jars, and you can choose from six luxurious essential oil scents, from stress-relieving lavender and eucalyptus to detoxifying lemongrass—just be sure to pick one that's definitely cat-safe.

Shop now: Aromatherapy Soy Scented Candle for Pets, $14;

Cat Holiday Ceramic Ornament

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Zazzle

There's nothing more precious to cat owners than their own pets, so capitalize on their enthusiastic love by gifting them a custom Christmas ornament that can be displayed proudly on the tree year after year. The paw-rimmed ceramic piece comes in seven different shapes, and you have free rein to design the font and colors your loved one would like most.

Shop now: Cat Holiday Ceramic Ornament, $17;

Cute Cat Socks

Cat Lovers Gifts
Courtesy of Amazon

No gift guide for cat lovers could possibly be complete without one purrfect pair of socks (and one perfectly placed pun). What makes these cat socks stand out from others are the ears poking out along the top. It's an unexpected, but necessary, wardrobe addition. Don't take my word for it, though: The five-pack of socks has a nearly perfect 4.8 rating from over 11,000 Amazon shoppers, including one very proud boyfriend who earned "lots of brownie points" for gifting them.

Shop now: Cute Cat Socks, $19;

Stoneware Cat Person Mug

stoneware cat person mug
Courtesy of Target

Is a mug collection ever complete without at least one cat-themed mug? The cat lover in your life is sure to sit back and relax with a warm cup of coffee in this adorable mug with hand-drawn kittens. Plus, the handle says "Cat Person," in case their love of cats isn't already obvious enough.

Shop now: Stoneware Cat Person Mug, $7;

299 Cats & a Dog Puzzle

299 cats and a dog puzzle
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Even the biggest cat lovers have a little room in their heart for a dog. This circular cluster puzzle contains 300 organically shaped pieces: 299 cats and one dog. This makes for the perfect gift for puzzle-loving cat parents, even if you predict their feline will jump on the table and knock a few pieces down.

Shop now: 299 Cats & a Dog Puzzle, $20;

Puff Cat Bed

Puff cat bed
Courtesy of Tuft + Paw

If you're looking for a luxe gift for the cat parent in your life, this is it. The foam bed is a soft spot for a long snooze and is sure to match your giftee's decor. Plus, the anti-slip rubber on the bottom makes it safe for cat naps on the couch or on the floor.

Shop now: Puff Cat Bed, $169;

Ceramic Cat Planter

ceramic cat planter
Courtesy of Etsy

If the cat lover in your life is also a plant parent, this adorable ceramic cat planter makes for the ultimate gift. The planter is available in 13 different colors and comes with an adorable scarf for the holiday season. And if you choose to add some greenery to the gift, make sure it's a cat-friendly houseplant if your giftee has a feline at home.

Shop now: Ceramic Cat Planter, $20;

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

chomchom roller pet hair remover
Courtesy of Chewy

No matter how much you love cats, finding cat hair all over your couch and clothes is still an inconvenience. If a cat parent in your life has gone through countless lint rollers, gift them the ChomChom, which works wonders at removing pet hair on furniture, blankets, rugs, and even clothes.

Shop now: ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover, $25;

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