Oh great, now we can all reminisce on how “crappy” 2020 was for many years to come.
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White dog ornament pooping out 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

When life gets tough, sometimes the only cure for the blues is a good laugh. And if that laugh comes at the expense of a classic potty joke—so be it.

There's no question that this year has been a difficult one. Between the coronavirus pandemic and an election season that just won't quit, you might even say 2020 has been a real crapshoot. So it's no surprise that a talented Etsy artist decided to put a hilarious spin on the classic annual Christmas ornament, complete with a dog doing what we all wish we could do on the year we've just had: flush 2020 down the toilet.

Listen, we love some cute Christmas tree decor as much as the next person. In fact, we're big fans of dressing our pets in adorable holiday sweaters and matching jammies for Christmas morning. The holidays are the perfect time to embrace all things sweet and seasonal! But we'd be lying if we said this ornament of a dog pooping on 2020 wasn't a more accurate representation of the past year than the typical items we like to hang on the tree. And if we're anything here at Daily Paws, it's honest.

Turns out we're not alone on this one. With a 5-star rating on Etsy from over 1,500 reviews, this clever little doggy-doo ornament is nothing if not hilarious, and has rightfully taken the internet by storm. The Etsy creator describes the piece oh-so-accurately in the product description: "This ornament just about sums up my feelings about 2020."

Shop now: Dog Poop 2020 Ornament, $16; amazon.com or etsy.com (neither will ship until after Christmas)

If you're keen to memorialize this turd of a year on your tree for many Christmases to come, take note: High demand means most ornaments for sale like this one won't ship until after Christmas, so it won't make it to your mailbox in time to say "sayonara, 2020!" Several other Etsy shops have jumped on the trend, but these ornaments are selling out fast no matter where you look.

But if your last-minute shopping means you still need a gift for the pet lover in your life—or maybe want to commemorate the end of the year with a little memento on New Year's Eve— this might be just the thing to send the year off with a much-needed laugh. At the very least, it'll be a cheeky reminder of something we've all tried to keep in mind this year: No matter how stinky things get, this too shall pass!

And when Christmas 2021 comes around, you and your loved ones can think back and reminisce about how you survived such a crappy year.