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Credit: Courtesy of Cariuma

These Are the Best Shoes for Walking Your Dog

Replace those beat-up sneakers for a pair of these cult favorite, online-only shoes for a stylish AND comfy stroll around the block.
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When it comes to taking your dog for a walk, you're likely not putting a lot of thought into your shoes. (Especially when nature calls at 5 a.m.) Yet the wrong pair of shoes, even when worn for a short distance, can create all sorts of foot-related problems over time. Though this is usually the point where a high-end running shoe by a major brand is mentioned, that's not where we're going here. 

That's because the best shoe is by a brand you probably haven't heard of yet and is only available online. 

Cariuma shoes have become a favorite of influencers, but the attention doesn't come from flashiness. The Brazilian company designs classic shoes with options for both men and women in two timeless silhouettes—high top or low top.

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Credit: Courtesy of Cariuma

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Instead of focusing on trends, Cariuma focuses on comfort. One reviewer says: "This is my second pair of this shoe style from Cariuma, the other in yellow. As a real estate agent, I'm on my feet and comfortable shoes are important. These shoes offer comfort as well as cute style to match my outfits! I'll be buying more!"

One of the biggest differences between Cariumas and typical sneakers lie in their vulcanized rubber soles. Vulcanization means that the rubber has been treated to be stronger and more elastic. Cariuma shoes also include an arch-supporting insole made with memory foam bonded to either a vegan insole (made of organic mamona oil and cork) or leather-and-EVA compound insole. There are then small details like the protective toe cap that helps ease stress points resulting in blisters and discomfort.

The material options (leather, suede, or canvas) also feel high-end, and the color choices range from neutral to fun. Cariuma's commitment to sustainability through planting two trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair sold, carbon-neutral shipping, ethical factories, and recycled packaging is an added bonus.

Overall, the Cariuma style you choose depends on your walk. If your area has slippery sidewalks or streets, opt for the CATIBA Pro, which has an extra-grippy sole. If you're encountering wet conditions or take long hikes with your dog, the IBI line's water-repellant, machine-washable fabric will be a life-changer. For everything else, opt for the classic OCA

No matter what you choose, don't be surprised if your walk ends up going the extra mile.