Picture and illustration of Dogs With Jobs puzzle
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The 14 Best Dog Jigsaw Puzzles To Keep You Busy This Winter

These dog-themed jigsaw puzzles pair perfectly with a glass of wine and pup at your feet by the cozy fire.
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This year has kept us inside more than ever before, and while baking banana bread and learning Tik Tok dances was fun at the beginning, you might be hitting a boredom slump. Cue dog puzzles! These dog jigsaw puzzles will keep you occupied during the cold winter nights and exercise your brain (even if it's the only thing you're exercising). So light a fire in the fireplace, put on some good music, and get puzzling. Bonus if your dog has their own interactive puzzle to enrich their routine while you work!

We've selected 14 of the best dog jigsaw puzzles in every category and price point to keep you busy the rest of this winter.

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Best Dog Breed Puzzle: Ridley's Dog Canine Lovers Puzzle

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If you're a dog breed aficionado, this classic 1000-piece puzzle is perfect for you! Covered in labeled dog breed photos and complete with facts about each breed, this puzzle will not only entertain you, but might also teach you a thing or two!

Shop Now: Ridley's Dog Canine Lovers Puzzle, $52; amazon.com

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Best Illustrated Puzzle: Dogs With Jobs Puzzle

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We'll always turn to Etsy for unique goodies and gifts, and this puzzle is no exception. Featured in the "Dogs with Jobs" illustrated puzzle is none other than the Siberian husky meteorologist and the Great Dane graphic designer, amongst others. Truly iconic!

Shop Now: Dogs With Jobs Puzzle, $17; etsy.com

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Most Affordable Puzzle: Poker Pups Puzzle

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Art lovers, rejoice! Reminiscent of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge's famous Dogs Playing Poker series of paintings, this puzzle would make a great statement piece hanging in a frame in an office or library. I'm putting my money on the pug with the cigar to win it all.

Shop Now: Poker Pups Puzzle, $10; walmart.com

Credit: Courtesy of Shutterfly

Best Personalized Puzzle: Best In Show Customizable Puzzle

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There is truly nothing more magical than doing a puzzle with your own face on it. Customize your own collage of family photos—dog included—and see who can find the piece with Fido's tail on it first. Ranging in size and amount of pieces, this puzzle can be truly personalized to fit your family and experience.

Show Now: Best In Show Customizable Puzzle, starting at $28; shutterfly.com

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Best Photography: Catching the Perfect Treat Puzzle

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You know that exact moment of glee right before a dog is about to catch (or maybe not, depending on mouth-eye coordination) a dog treat in their mouth? This puzzle captures that moment perfectly.

Shop Now: Catching the Perfect Treat Puzzle, $15; amazon.com

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Most Classic Puzzle: A Dog's Life Painting Puppies Puzzle

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This puzzle brings me back to nights where the whole family was gathered around the dining room table doing a classic Buffalo Games jigsaw puzzle, competing to find the most pieces. Also, the colors are giving me major Lisa Frank-vibes.

Shop Now: A Dog's Life Painting Puppies Puzzle, $36; walmart.com

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Best 500-Piece Puzzle: 93 Dogs Puzzle

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Sometimes you don't have the time nor the energy to take on a 1000-piece masterpiece. For those moments, we have the very effective 500-piece option, complete with equally as many adorable pups (93 to be exact).

Shop Now: 93 Dogs Puzzle, $27; etsy.com

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Best Funny Puzzle: Funny Dog Portraits Puzzle

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These funny-faced dogs are sure to make you smile! The perfect gift for any dog-lover, this colorful puzzle will be a big hit.

Shop Now: Funny Dog Portraits Puzzle; $16; amazon.com

Credit: Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Best Puzzle for Kids: Kid's Best Friend Customizable Puzzle

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These customizable puzzles are the perfect gift to illustrate the love between a child and their dog! You can choose from 12 popular dog breed illustrations and then add your child and their dog's name to make it extra special.

Show Now: Kid's Best Friend Customizable Puzzle, $35; uncommongoods.com

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Best Gag Gift: Humping Chihuahuas Puzzle

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Looking for the perfect gag gift that everyone will be fighting over at the white elephant gift exchange? We have a winner. For anyone with the sense of humor of a middle school boy, this puzzle will be a delight.

Shop Now: Humping Chihuahuas Puzzle, $20; amazon.com

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Most Clever Puzzle: Yoga Dogs Puzzle

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These flexible pups will put a smile on any yogi's face after completing this puzzle. Who knew canines could accomplish more than just the downward dog pose? And after you're finished with the puzzle, try doing some yoga with your own pup!

Shop Now: Yoga Dogs Puzzle, $28; walmart.com

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Best 1000-Piece Puzzle: Eurographics World of Dogs Puzzle

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If you're searching for a bit more of a challenge, this puzzle is for you. At 1000 pieces and many similar-looking puppies surrounded by white space, this puzzle will keep you busy for days.

Shop Now: Eurographics World of Dogs Puzzle, $18; amazon.com

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Best 3D Puzzle: 3D Dog Puzzle

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The only 3D puzzle on this list, this puzzle will leave you with an adorable little structure that you can display in your home. For the frequent puzzlers, this unique challenge might switch things up a bit.

Shop Now: 3D Dog Puzzle, $16; walmart.com

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Best Christmas Puzzle: Canine Christmas Tree Puzzle

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'Tis the season to do puzzles! You know that time between Christmas and New Year's Eve when you never take off your pajamas and don't know what day it is? That is the perfect time for this puzzle.

Shop Now: Canine Christmas Tree Puzzle, $18; amazon.com