7 Interactive Toys to Enrich Your Cat’s Life

These smart toys are the cat's meow.
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  • Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle
  • Pet Stages Tower of Tracks
  • PetSafe Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Treat Dispenser
  • SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy
  • Leaps & Bounds Electric Flutter Butterfly Cat Toy
  • Kitty Kix Kicker and Cat Track toy
  • Whisker City Wobble Treat Dispensing Cat toy

No matter their age, every cat needs the opportunity to play, stimulating both the body and mind. A cat owner that really wants to create a happy, thriving environment for their feisty feline should consider investing in toys that are interactive. Interactive toys that utilize a cat’s natural desire to stalk, hunt, forage, and chase make playtime a whole body experience for them.

When considering what type of toy to buy, consider what kind of things seem to pique your cat’s attention: Things that move? Feathers? Yummy treats? Knowing what intrigues your cat will help you pick the best option that will keep them entertained and engaged. Here’s a list of 7 interactive toys that will suit any fine feline to get you started on your search.

Credit: Courtesy Chewy

For the cat that loves a challenge, this is a great option that encourages the cat to search for hidden treasures. It also acts as a puzzle, enticing your cat to figure out how to find the treats.

Shop now: $15, chewy.com

This is perfect for the cat that loves moving objects! With three balls at varying heights, your cat can chase, stalk, and pounce on them as they go around three circular tracks. 

Shop now: $11; chewy.com

Credit: Courtesy Chewy

For the cat that loves nummies and dinner time, this is an exciting way to earn the goods! Your cat will need to manipulate the toy in different ways to get the food items to fall out. This is also a good option for the cat that eats too quickly at meal times.

Shop now: $6, chewy.com

Credit: Courtesy Chewy

A perfect toy option for the cat that loves flutters, feathers and movement! This toy comes equipped with feather-flying action, exciting even the biggest furry couch potato.

Shop now: $13, chewy.com

Credit: Courtesy PetCo

This is another great option for the cat that enjoys random movement but this acts like a butterfly, which will catch, and keep, the attention of the most discerning kitties.

Shop now: $10, petco.com

Credit: Courtesy Amazon

A super fun option for the feline that loves to wrestle and get kicky! It also includes a mini track and ball for extra stimulation.

Shop now: $10, amazon.com

Credit: Courtesy PetSmart

Just what you need for your cat companion when you are away! This toy wobbles and randomly dispenses treats to continuously engage and entertain your cat.

Shop now: $7, petsmart.com