It’s like the dog version of their belt bag.
golden retriever wears a brown mini backpack clipped to blue harness

While Lululemon is a human clothing brand, pups across the country are getting their own high-end athletic gear. As we can see on TikTok, dog parents everywhere are buying the brand's adorable mini backpack, but not for themselves—for their dogs. 

The doggy backpack phenomenon centers on the City Adventurer Nano Backpack, available on Lululemon's website for $38. The bag comes with a carabiner clip, allowing customers to clip it on to other bags and use it to store smaller items. Or, in this case, it allows dog owners to clip it to their petss harness. Currently, the backpack is only available in a black velour style, but pups in popular TikTok videos are seen sporting the bag in various colors. 

The backpack has proven to be versatile, with dog parents using it to have their pups hold a variety of supplies.

A popular item to store in the backpack seems to be dog treats, best for easy access. A Cavapoo mom in this TikTok video demonstrates just how easy it is to fill the backpack with treats before heading out on a walk. 

The backpack just so happens to be just the right size for a tennis ball—making it the perfect vessel for a trip to the dog park. In a TikTok with over 751,000 views, Camper the golden retriever looks dapper wearing a brown sherpa style of the bag—which, of course, holds a tennis ball his owner unpacks for a round of fetch once they're at the park. 

The backpack is also perfect for city dogs on the go, allowing them to take their prized possessions with them everywhere. 

Customers on Lululemon's website are raving about the mini "dog" backpack. One reviewer says the bag is "perfect for [their] pup" as it lets him "carry treats everywhere." 

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