3 Ways to Distract Your Dog While You Work From Home

Working from home with your dog can be tough, but these toys keep them engaged and entertained while you get down to business.
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distract your dog while you are working from home
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Work-from-home pet parents know it can be hard to focus when distracted dogs insist on bringing you the squeakiest toys in the middle of your Zoom meetings, barking at the mail carrier, or keeping themselves busy chewing on things you wish they wouldn't. If you're trying to keep your playful pet busy while you get some work done, these three interactive dog toys may help make it possible.

snuffle mat for dogs
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Shy Coyote Pets Snuffle Mat

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Hide some treats or regular dry dog food in this interactive snuffle mat for dogs. Digging through the soft fabric of this puzzle toy helps keep your pet's brain and senses engaged for truly rewarding play. The water-repellant design means it can hold up to all kinds of slobber, and a skid-proof bottom means it's safe to lay down anywhere. This mat toy is also super easy to clean—just shake out the crumbs and machine wash between uses. You can also try a DIY version if you're the crafty type.

Shop now: Shy Coyote Pets Snuffle Mat for Dogs, $35; amazon.com

elopaw suction cup dog toy
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ELOWPAW Suction Cup Dog Toy

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Have a dog who never tires of playing tug, or who just needs a destruction-safe toy to keep them occupied? This suction cup toy is made from a durable material, and let's you stuff treats inside for them as a fun puzzle to work their brain and their body at the same time. Just attach the suction cup to the floor, insert your dog's favorite treats, and let your dog play tug-of-war over a chew toy with himself for a while. The best part? It can handle up to 200 pounds of force, so it'll work for large breeds (and ones who really, really love to tug).

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kong extreme dog toy
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KONG Extreme Dog Toy

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The Kong dog toy is good for lots of things: playing fetch, as a chew toy, or as a puzzle toy with a yummy reward. The durable rubber design means it has tons of bounce for interactive play, plus it can withstand some serious chewing. Put peanut butter or another treat your pooch loves in the center to keep them happy and engaged while you tackle meetings and emails.

If your dog doesn't like peanut butter, there are so many other alternatives! Try pure pumpkin puree, mashed bananas, or even cheese spray. Try our Kong hack that turns a regular Kong into a doggy McFlurry!

Shop now: Kong Extreme Dog Toy, $18; amazon.com