gumdrop ball dog toy

This Gumdrop Ball Dog Toy Is a Favorite for Larger Dogs—and It's Less Than $10

Treat your dog to some serious fun (but beware: it squeaks!).
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Still on the hunt for the ever-elusive perfect dog toy? Look no further. This gumdrop ball dog toy is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit with medium- to large-breed pooches, thanks to its durable design, large size, and enticing squeaks.

This colorful vinyl ball has a textured body that makes it fun for dogs to chew on and carry around and a powerful inner squeaker delivers rewarding audio simulation while your pup plays. The five-inch size makes the ball just big enough to keep it from rolling under furniture and into other tight spaces during play, and the ideal size for larger dogs to carry with ease (and squelch any pet parent's choking fears!).

gumdrop ball dog toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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It's also a great way to keep your canine physically and mentally stimulated with interactive play. Dogs who love to play fetch, chase, or retrieve things will love this chew toy—but heads up, serious chewers can do some damage with these balls. But if your four-legged friend is content with some gentle gnawing, rolling, and biting, it should be a great (and long-lasting) addition to their toy collection.

One happy Amazon customers said this ball was the only one they found for their two medium-sized dogs "that they don't chew up within a matter of hours. The last one I had lasted at least a year … my dogs love it and constantly steal it from each other, so I plan to get another one." Other pet parents say their pup carries it everywhere with them. Sounds like one of those items in the toy basket you want to grab a backup for just in case their favorite ever goes missing!

You can grab one of these gumdrop ball toys for your own pet on Amazon for only $8.59. These cute toys come in yellow, purple, green, and red—we suggest stocking up on a few to stuff in your dog's Christmas stocking this year.