dog playing with his new dog toy under the Christmas tree and surrounded by Christmas wrap
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22 Christmas Dog Toys for Santa's Little Helper

These toys will have your pup barking around the Christmas tree.
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The holidays are just around the corner, which means it's time to start shopping for everyone on your list—canines included! Seasonal and Christmas dog toys are hitting the shelves and there is something perfect for every pup.

Providing your dog with fun new toys will help them stay occupied and entertained during the holiday hustle and bustle. This will not only keep them out of your hair while you're wrapping presents and hanging garland, but it will also help them stay safe. Dogs who are bored have a tendency to find themselves in trouble, sniffing out holiday foods that could be toxic for dogs or accidentally knocking down the Christmas tree as they tried to stretch their legs indoors. Dogs who are stimulated are less likely to get into a Christmas pickle—a win for everybody!

Maybe you're busy with an end-of-year work project and need something to keep your pup occupied for a few hours, or you just want Fido to be able to enjoy opening presents with the rest of the family, this list has plenty of interactive toy options that'll engage their brain as well as their body. And no matter if your pup was on the nice list or the naughty list, there's something that'll have every pooch leaving milk bones out for Santa Paws.

Check out our favorite fun and entertaining Christmas dog toys below.

22 Christmas Dog Toys for All the Pups on the Nice List

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Product photo of a “Big Dill” Christmas Pickle Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

1 Christmas Pickle Dog Toy

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Hiding the Christmas pickle is a known tradition that many Americans take part in, and this toy gives your pup the chance to be included in the fun! This "briny and bright" Big Dill dog toy is an adorable smiling plushie that will be fun for the whole family to hide. First pup to find the pickle wins!

Shop Now: Merry Makings "Big Dill" Christmas Pickle Dog Toy, $6;

Product photo of a Kong Classic Toy Gift Pack
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

2 KONG Christmas Dog Toy Pack

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For heavy chewers, a KONG is the perfect dog toy to gift for Christmas. This toy pack comes with a rubber KONG classic toy, squeezable peanut butter to fill the toy, and a stuffed "Santa Bear" for cuddling—the perfect trifecta to get your pup in the holiday spirit (and keep him licking away at his new toy long enough for you to get dinner on the table in peace).

Shop Now: KONG Classic Toy Gift Pack, $20;

Product photo of a Beggnog Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Target

3 Beggnog Dog Toy

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BARK's toys always give us a chuckle, and while everyone may have an opinion about eggnog (you either love it or you hate it), all dogs will go crazy for this Beggnog toy. The eggnog bottle-shaped dog toy is filled with stuffing, crinkle, and a large squeaker, so your dog will have a blast fetching the 'nog this Christmas Eve.

Shop Now: BARK Beggnog Dog Toy, $13,

Product photo of a Holiday Cocoa 2-in-1 Tearable Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

4 Holiday Cocoa 2-in-1 Tearable Dog Toy

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Keeping on the trend of dog toys in the shape of festive holiday drinks, this stuffed mug of cocoa has a special surprise inside. The mug is designed to be "destroyed" because inside the outer layer is an adorable stuffed marshmallow that your dog will have to use his brain to uncover.

Shop Now: Frisco Holiday Cocoa 2-in-1 Tearable Dog Toy, $11;

Product photo of a Gingrbrew Holiday Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Target

5 Gingrbrew Holiday Dog Toy

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We all need a little caffeine to get through the holidays, right? This BARK dog toy is a 2-in-1 deal, featuring a stuffed Bark Brew coffee cup and a gingerbread man. While your dog enjoys his coffee and cookie, you can cuddle up next to him with your own Gingerbread Latte and Christmas cookie. Everyone wins!

Shop Now: BARK Gingrbrew Holiday Dog Toy, $8;

Product photo of Christmas Personalized Dog Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

6 Personalized Holiday Dog Toys

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For a more sentimental stocking stuffer, these personalized, Christmas-themed dog toys are the perfect gift. You can customize any of these four dog toy shapes—Christmas tree, penguin, gingerbread man, or snowman—with your pup's name so his canine siblings will always know it's his. Coming in four sizes, this is the perfect gift for any breed.

Shop Now: Christmas Personalized Dog Toys, starting at $9;

Product photo of a Holiday Goody Box
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

7 Holiday Goody Box

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A Goody Box from Chewy is a great gift for any pet (or person who loves a pet!), and this year's holiday box does not disappoint. The gift box is loaded with seasonal swag, valued at 40 percent off the purchase price of each individual item. This year's has a cozy blanket, a festive bandana, a bag of dog treats, two holiday toys, a recipe for a dog-friendly treat, and a holiday banner that is perfect for all those photo ops. 

Shop Now: Chewy Holiday Goody Box, $25;

Product photo of a Lamb Chop Santa Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Petsmart

8 Christmas Lamb Chop Dog Toy

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Everyone loves the classic Lamb Chop dog toy, and this one has a festive twist! Lamb Chop is featured wearing a cute little Santa hat which will look totally Pinterest-worthy sticking out of Fido's stocking. Your pup will love snuggling his new friend while waiting for Santa Paws to arrive.

Shop Now: Multipet Lamb Chop Santa Toy, $6;

Product photo of Santa’s Helpers Plush Squeaky Dog Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

9 Santa's Helpers Plush Toys

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This jolly trio is here to make your pup's day! Perfect for small dogs, this group of holiday helpers includes a stuffed elf, Santa, and reindeer, each with a squeaker inside. Now turn on Elf and watch your pup snuggle with his new holiday friends.

Shop Now: Frisco Santa's Helpers Plush Squeaky Dog Toys, $10;

Product photo of a Christmas Tree Rubber Treat Dispenser
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

10 Christmas Tree Dog Toy Treat Dispenser

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Does your dog need some entertainment while you hang the ornaments and wrap the presents? This bouncy rubber Christmas tree is meant to be filled with your dog's favorite treats. Your pup will be stimulated and rewarded with this simple but effective holiday dog toy. Finally, the perfect excuse to play with your food!

Shop Now: Frisco Christmas Tree Rubber Treat Dispenser, $11;

Product photo of a Gingerbread House Party Burrow Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

11 Gingerbread House Burrow Toy

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Another interactive option, this gingerbread house has three bonus toys hidden inside that your pup must find. The game of hide-and-seek will keep your dog occupied and allow him to use his problem-solving skills. Great for pups who love to burrow or dig, this will be a huge hit this Christmas.

Shop Now: Merry Makings Gingerbread House Party Burrow Toy, $13;

Product photo of a Holiday No-Stuffing Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

12 No-Stuffing Santa Dog Toy

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Some dogs just can't handle the fluff and will leave the living room strewn with stuffing from a toy just seconds after you give it to them—we've been there and feel your pain. This no-stuffing Santa dog toy has a body that squeaks when you squeeze it and the head and legs crinkle. You won't have to worry about your dog turning your house into a winter wonderland with the toy's stuffing (as festive as he might think it looks).

Shop Now: ZippyPaws Holiday No-Stuffing Dog Toy, $9;

Product photo of a Lump of Coal Holiday Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Target

13 Lump of Coal Holiday Dog Toy

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Listen, we can't all be on the nice list. Even the naughty pups are good boys and girls and deserve a fun toy to play with on Christmas morning. This two-part toy includes a piece of coal and a crinkly bag that is perfect for hiding treats in and will be sure to get some laughs if your dog is known for their antics.

Shop Now: BARK Lump of Coal Holiday Dog Toy, $12;

Product photo of a Holiday Tennis Ball Wreath
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

14 Holiday Tennis Ball Wreath

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Some dogs just can't get enough of a simple tennis ball. Now, what will happen if you give him eight festive tennis balls? You might just make his year! These tennis balls are perfect for small- to medium-sized dogs and the wreath shape will look so festive under your tree.

Shop Now: Frisco Holiday Tennis Ball Wreath, $15;

Product photo of Christmas Dog Rope Toys
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

15 Christmas Dog Rope Toys

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Rope toys are another option for heavy chewers. The bite-resistant rope is braided together in the shape of a candy cane and is great for dental health, especially for puppies who like to chew it. Stick a few of these in Fido's stocking, and he'll be happy to open them on Christmas morning.

Shop Now: Scenereal Christmas Dog Rope Toys, $13 for four;

Product photo of a Star Wars Holiday R2-D2 Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

16 Star Wars Holiday R2-D2 Dog Toy

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R2-D2 is a favorite character amongst Star Wars fans, and this festive version of the droid is almost too cute to handle. The plushie has a squeaker inside so your little Jedi pup can enjoy R2-D2 for both playing and napping.

Shop Now: Star Wars Holiday R2-D2 Toy, $13;

Product photo of a Holiday Bungee Santa Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Target

17 Holiday Bungee Santa Dog Toy

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This bungee Santa dog toy is perfect for a game of tug-of-war or fetch. The adorable Santa toy's midsection expands when pulled which makes a typical game of tug-of-war even more fun.

Shop Now: Wondershop Holiday Bungee Santa Dog Toy, $5;

Product photo of a Snowball Fight Plush Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

18 Snowball Fight Plush Dog Toy

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All the fun of a snowball fight, without the snow! This pack of "snow balls" comes with six, three-inch balls with silly snowman faces and squeakers inside. Multiple reviewers said that this was their pup's favorite toy of all time, so we are putting this on top of Fido's Christmas list.

Shop Now: Midlee Snowball Fight Plush Dog Toy, $18;

Product photo of a First Christmas Stuffed Bone Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

19 First Christmas Stuffed Bone Toy

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This personalized stuffed bone is perfect for puppies celebrating their first Christmas with their family. The bone can be embroidered with your pup's name and it comes in two sizes, so you can pick the one that fits best for your dog. This will be sure to be a treasured toy that you can enjoy every year while remembering your canine's first holiday season.

Shop Now: Etsy First Christmas Stuffed Bone Toy, starting at $16;

Product photo of a Reindeer Interactive Burrow Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

20 Reindeer Interactive Burrow Toy

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Another interactive option, this hide-and-seek reindeer toy is great for dogs who want a bit of a challenge. Stuff the box with the three squeaky reindeer and watch your dog attempt to get them out to play with.

Shop Now: ZippyPaws Reindeer Interactive Burrow Toy, $11;

Product photo of a Dog Toy Filled Christmas Stocking
Credit: Courtesy of Target

21 Dog Toy Filled Christmas Stocking

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This all-in-one Christmas stocking comes pre-filled with all your pup's favorite things. The high-quality dog toys inside include a tennis ball, fleece star, tennis ball with rope, stuffed gingerbread, and a vinyl Santa. Fido won't know what to play with first!

Shop Now: Midlee Dog Toy Filled Christmas Stocking, $22;

Product photo of a Candy Rope Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Target

22 Candy Rope Dog Toy

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Looking to spice up your game of tug-of-war? This festive rope of "peppermint candies" is almost too cute to handle. While you may have to hide the real candy from your canine, this option might be even sweeter.

Shop Now: BARK Candy Rope Dog Toy, $10;