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These 13 Dog Subscription Boxes Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Give your pup another reason to wait for the mailman every day.
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There are subscription services for almost everything these days—snacks, wine, clothing, and of course, dog swag! There are so many dog subscription boxes out there, it can be hard to choose which one is right for your pooch. Whether your pup is just interested in snacking on dog treats or would rather tear through some new dog toys, there's a subscription box out there for every canine. We're warning you though, after one month of receiving a box filled with goodies, your dog might start thinking every package that comes through the door is for them!

We've selected 10 of the best dog subscription boxes at every price point and category so you can make your dog's month, every month.

bark box subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of BarkBox

Best Dog Toy Subscription Box: BarkBox

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BarkBox is one of the most popular canine subscription boxes for a reason. The subscription service sends out a new themed box every month, with creative themes such as Fairground Hounds, Night at the Squeakeasy, and many more with equally as squeal-worthy puns. Each box is filled with clever toys, USA-made treats, and chews. The standout in each box though is the dog-tested and loved toys with creative features such as a tiny, sadder toy within the original (for when your dog inevitably tries to get the squeaker out).

Shop Now: BarkBox, starting at $23 per box;

box dog subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of BoxDog

Best Customizable Subscription Box: BoxDog

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BoxDog is a special type of dog subscription service because you get to choose everything that comes in your giant quarterly box. Is your dog not interested in toys? Choose a winter coat or a cooling mat for summer instead! An added bonus is that all their dog treats are handmade by their own dog chefs, so you know they're all-natural and great quality.

Shop Now: BoxDog, starting at $35 per month;

pup box subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of PupBox

Best Subscription Box for Puppies: PupBox

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If you are looking for all the necessary toys, treats, and supplies for a new puppy, look no further than PupBox! Designed to "grow alongside your pup," PupBox sends a monthly box of toys, treats, accessories, and guides to help navigate all the joys and challenges of puppyhood: potty training, teething, and more!

Shop Now: PupBox, starting at $29 per box;

bark box super chewer subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of BarkBox

Best Subscription Box for Heavy Chewers: Super Chewer Box

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Does your dog have a passion for ripping straight through the stuffing of every plushie? The Super Chewer Box is designed (and tested) to withstand even the toughest of chompin'. Each box comes with two rubber or nylon toys, two full-sized treat bags, and two all-natural chews to keep your canine busy, fluff not included. The Super Chewer Box is created by the same team behind BarkBox, so you already know the themed boxes and indestructible toys will be motherpuppin' awesome!

Shop Now: Super Chewer Box, starting at $30 per box;

dog mom subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Dog Mom Box

Best Subscription Box for Dog Moms: Dog Mom Box

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Why should our pups have all the fun? The Dog Mom Box is a monthly box filled with goodies for both dog moms and our canine friends. Our four-legged friends will receive dog treats, toys, bandanas, and more, while humans receive dog mom swag like t-shirts and drink tumblers. Win-win.

Shop Now: Dog Mom Box, starting at $35 per month;

dapper dog subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Dapper Dog Box

Best Subscription Box for Stylish Pups: The Dapper Dog Box

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While most dog subscription boxes include toys and treats, the Dapper Dog Box also includes a limited-edition bandana every month. The boxes are themed, so you know your pup will always look seasonally stylish. And while Fido is strutting his stuff, you can feel good about the fact that Dapper Dog Box also supports rescue groups across the United States!

Shop Now: The Dapper Dog Box, starting at $20 per month;

pooch perks subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Pooch Perks

Best Themed Subscription Box: Pooch Perks

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Your pup will be itching to open their Pooch Perks box to see what the monthly theme is! Filled with treats made in the USA and fun toys, the Pooch Perks boxes are customizable to your pups' personal preferences. There are three different subscription options to choose from—the Popular Pooch box, the large Pampered Pooch box (filled with a few extras), and the Toys Only Box. Past themes include Howl-O-Ween, Shark Week, and more.

Shop Now: Pooch Perks Box, starting at $21 per month;

wag well subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of WagWell

Best Organic Subscription Box: WagWell Box

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Born from the idea that dogs deserve the best-quality products out there, WagWell provides only organic and all-natural goodies for your pup. Each WagWell box is filled with organic dog treats, durable and safe toys, all-natural bully sticks, and a fashionable bandana.

Shop Now: WagWell Box, starting at $33 per month;

pet treater subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of PetTreater

Best Dog Treat Subscription Box: PetTreater

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PetTreater is perfect for dogs who just want to get their munch on. With the ability to select "treats only," "toys only," or a combination, you can really cater to your canines' needs. The treats are always USA/Canada-made and the value is much greater than the monthly cost. 

Shop Now: Pet Treater Box, starting at $15 per month;

farmers dog subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

Best Dog Food Subscription Box: The Farmer's Dog

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The founders at The Farmer's Dog used decades of pet nutrition research to come up with dog food that's so fresh, even humans could eat it! Pre-portioned food is delivered straight to your door and can be frozen until ready to serve your pup. While The Farmer's Dog takes into account dog breed, age, ideal weight, sensitivities, and health concerns, we recommend checking in with your vet before making the switch to a fresh food diet.

Shop Now: The Farmer's Dog, starting at $2 per day;

peture perfect subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Cratejoy

Best Personalized Products Subscription Box: PETure Perfect

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This is a truly unique subscription service. The PETure Perfect team will use a photo of your pup to create a custom illustration by a professional artist. That illustration will then be used on different products such as a mug, a tote bag, and more! This is the perfect subscription service for the pet parent that is looking for something a bit more personalized.

Shop Now: PETure Perfect, $27 per month;

rescue box subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Rescue Box

Best Subscription Box for Supporting Rescue Dogs: RescueBox

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RescueBox is a great way to spoil your pets while also supporting a great cause. The Animal Rescue Site organizes this monthly subscription box which includes five products, including dog toys, treats, and chews. For each RescueBox sent out, the Animal Rescue Site is able to donate 142 bowls of food to shelter pets in need–we've never needed a better reason to shop!

Shop Now: RescueBox, $30 per month;

bark bright subscription box
Credit: Courtesy of Barkbox

Best Subscription Box for Dental Care: Bark Bright

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Bark Bright might not be the most exciting subscription box for your pup to open, but dental care is so important to a dog's overall health, and this box helps support that. Each box includes one month's supply of dental sticks and triple-enzymatic toothpaste that breaks down the debris on your dog's teeth and keeps their breath fresh. Just spread some of the toothpaste on the dental stick, and let your dog chew away!

Shop Now: Bark Bright, starting at $25 per month;