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This Popular Toy Set For Puppies Is On Sale—But Not for Long

Beat puppy boredom with this 10-piece dog toy set perfect for tiny dog mouths.
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Every new puppy owner wants to shower their furry friend with as many cute dog toys as possible, but that can get expensive really fast. And even though puppies are small, their little teeth can be sharp and rip through those cute, stuffing-filled toys in 10 seconds flat. That's why Amazon shoppers are loving this 10-piece dog toy set specifically designed for puppies and small dogs and built to stand up to aggressive chewing. And for a limited time, this budget-friendly set is on sale! Just enter code DOGTOYS15 at checkout to snag 15 percent off.

The set comes with four chewing rope toys, three toss balls, one rubber bone, and two squeaky, plush toys, which means your dog will have a variety of toys at his disposal. Want to play tug of war? Grab the rope toy! Do they prefer something soft and squeaky? They can play with the adorable plush toys that look like a carrot and a duck, respectively. Is your puppy or small dog a huge fan of fetch? She'll go tail-wagging crazy over the balls and bone!

This assorted set of dog toys is a perfect "Welcome Home" gift for your new puppy or anyone else in your life who just became dog parents. Because your puppy will have their super sharp baby teeth until four to six months old, these nearly indestructible toys are a great option for them until they get their adult teeth.

Amazon pets puppy dog toy set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Of course, not only puppies can enjoy this toy set, which also comes with a carrying case to take the toys along with you to the park or on trips. If you find that most toys and bones on the market are way too big for your small dog to get his mouth around, this set of small toys is perfect for your little guy to chew and play with.

As fun as these toys are, they also have some great practical benefits. The rope toys are great for dental health and will massage your dog's gums as he chews at it. Also, introducing dogs to toys early can help mentally stimulate them, reduce their anxiety, and enrich their lives.

It's clear why more than 700 customers have given this set a five-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer shared how impressed she was with the high quality of the toys. "These would each cost a lot if purchased separately at a retail store," she says. "You cannot go wrong purchasing the assortment!" 

"My 3 month old French bulldog absolutely LOVES the toys in this set," another satisfied customer said. "These small squeaky toys fit in his mouth so he stays engaged for quite a long time. He especially likes playing fetch with them, or more like, chase and chew—either way, he loves them!"

It's safe to say your puppy or small dog is going to love you even more than they already do when they see this new, sturdy, adorable toy set waiting for them!