This Viral Brush Is the Ultimate Pet Grooming Product You Need To Make Bath Time Easier

This is way easier than washing your dog with an old plastic cup from your favorite college bar.
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person giving a golden retriever a bath with a dog washer product from Amazon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dog owners, we've all been there. The daunting task of bathing your dog has made you put it off, but your dog just rolled in poop and you can't put it off any longer. After luring your pup into a small bathroom (and an even smaller bathtub), you twist and turn your body in every which way to shampoo, scrub, and rinse his coat. And even if you have a removable shower head to give your pup a clean rinse, the whole process somehow turns both you and your bathroom into a big, wet mess.

The Aquapaw, which is available on Amazon or Chewy for $45, is a pet bathing tool with a scrubber and sprayer all in one that may be the perfect solution for dog parents struggling with bath time. The product is fairly simple: It's a silicone scrubber and sprayer hybrid that straps into your palm. This allows you to both scrub and rinse your pet at the same time—with just one hand. The best news? This means a quicker bath AND your other hand is free to pet and comfort a nervous pup. Just check out how much our friend Hige loves bath time with the Aquapaw:

The Aquapaw's 8-foot hose comes with attachments for both shower faucets and the garden hose, so you can choose to bathe your pup either in the bathroom or outside. For pet parents living in small homes or apartments, or those of us who just have a large dog that barely fits in a tub, this means no more pretzeling your body in a tight space to give Fido a full rinse.

The scrubber has silicone nubs that are tough enough to get a deep clean but also soft enough to use on sensitive areas. The Aquapaw Pro even has two water pressure settings so you can adjust between a gentle flow near your pup's face and ears while still getting a deep rinse everywhere else. 

The Aquapaw will get you one step closer to a complete at-home dog spa, but you'll also want to check out these grooming kits, brushes, and nail clippers so your pup can have the full pampered experience.