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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Want To Make Your Pup Even Happier? Then You Need This Heated Dog Blanket In Your Life

This heated blanket is loved by thousands of Amazon shoppers (and their pets).
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If you're anything like us, your day probably revolves around how to make your dogs as happy as possible. Lots of walks and play time with their favorite toys? Check. The most delicious treats? You bet. Cozy beds in every room of the house? Of course! Dog and cat parents want nothing more than to make their furry pals as happy as possible, and yes, that often involves spending money on items you think will make their lives even better—enter super cozy heated dog blanket.

Made by Furhaven and available on Amazon, the self-warming thermal blanket features no electricity, just a layer of mylar that reflects the pet's natural body heat, leading to a safe and toasty surface for them to snuggle upon. And the material itself—thick but gentle terry on one side and faux fleece sherpa on the other—is ridiculously soft, so your pup can be both warm and comfortable while they rest. 

furhaven heated dog blanket
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Even more, the easy-to-clean blanket has a waterproof interior coating, so you don't have to worry about spills and accidents hurting the floor or furniture. Because yes, this blanket can be used pretty much anywhere—couches, car seats, beds, you name it. And it comes in seven luxe color options, so you can pick the one that best matches your home's vibe or get several different types if you want your dog to always have a resting spot nearby—anything for our beloved fur children, right? 

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have nothing but raves over the blanket, which offers sizes ranging from small to XX-large, so both dogs and cats can enjoy its many benefits. "My cat loves this!!" wrote one reviewer. "She literally jumped right on it and didn't move for three hours! ... I'm buying another one." Another person, the owner of a 12-year-old pit mix with arthritis, shared how pleased he was that "the blanket radiates body heat back to the pet, which is awesome for all pets, but especially those with joint or pain related issues."

Some customers have noted that the blanket makes a "crinkling sound" and is a bit slippery, so just keep that in mind if you decide to buy. All in all, though, pet parents are emphatic that the blanket makes for a welcome addition to any home, giving animals a warm snuggle haven and humans the happiness of knowing they made their dog or cat's life just a little bit more comfortable.