Shepherd puppy lays inside of heated dog house
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The 7 Best Heated Dog Houses to Keep Your Pup Warm and Cozy All Winter

Give your precious pup a toasty place to relax this winter.
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If you live in a chilly climate and have a dog who spends a lot of time outdoors, you might consider investing in a heated dog house. Lots of features can help make a dog house extra warm for the winter, including electric heating, extra insulation, closing doors, and elevation to keep your pup off of a cold lawn or icy concrete.

These dog houses (and dog house accessories) are designed to help keep your pet warm outside in the winter, and offer a comfortable, dry place to den away from wind and snow. If your pet loves to play outside in the winter weather or needs a cozy respite to relax in before they warm up to take a potty break, a heated dog house can help keep them safe and happy. Keep in mind that dogs should not be exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time.

Whether you're looking for a durable dog house with built-in electric heat, a great insulated option, or a heater that you can add to an existing dog house, these are some of the best finds online right now.

pet life electronic heated dog house
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Pet Life Hush Puppy Heating & Cooling Dog House

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If you live in a climate with wildly varying temps, this smart dog house is an excellent choice. The Pet Life dog house has a built-in heating and cooling system and uses an outlet for power. It's not durable enough for everyday outdoor use, but it's great for indoor settings and occasional outdoor use.

Shop now: PET LIFE Hush Puppy Heating & Cooling Dog House, $80;

ware premium a frame doghouse with heater
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Ware Premium A-Frame Heated Dog House

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This fir wood dog house has an A-frame design, a raised floor, removable roof, and an included heater to keep your pup warm in the winter. The heater accessory has a thermostat control, can heat up to 32 cubic feet, and has a rounded heat shield and spring-protected cord to keep your dog safe. 

Shop now: Ware Premium A-Frame Doghouse with Heater, $281;

k and h pet thermo tent
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K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent

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If you already have a covered area for your pet to hang out in—like a garage, covered porch, or barn—this heated dog house is a great addition for chilly weather. The K&H Thermo Tent is an elevated den with a removable, padded heated floor and fleece cover to help your pooch stay extra cozy. 

Shop now: K&H Pet Products Thermo Tent  Outdoor Shelter, $77;

petmate heated igloo dog house
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Petmate Indigo Insulated Dog House

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The Petmate Indigo dog house may not have an electric heating option, but it's super insulted and designed with warmth in mind. An extended, offset doorway helps keep rain, snow, sleet, and icy wind from reaching your pet while he relaxes inside. There's also roof ventilation for air flow and antimicrobial protection to prevent odor.

Shop now: Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban, $136;

dog palace insulated dog house
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Dog Palace Round Insulated Dog House

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Another great insulated dog house for winter is the Dog Palace Round Barn model. Even though it lacks an electric heat source, this durable doggie domicile has EPS insulation in the walls, roof, base, and door panels. The doors also have a double-hinged design to lock in heat after entry. This pet shelter is ideal for large dogs or multiple smaller pets.

Shop now: Dog Palace Round Barn Insulated Dog House, $423;

k and h pet heated pad
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K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pad

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Turn any dog house into a heated dog house by adding this outdoor dog heating pad with a machine-washable fleece cover. An internal thermostat warms the bed to your pet's normal body temperature during use, and it has a 5-foot steel-wrapped cord to keep your pooch safe. 

Shop now: K&H Pet Products Original Lectro Outdoor Heated Pad, $150;

hound heater akoma dog house furnace
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Hound Heater Dog House Furnace

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The Hound Heater is another great way to turn any dog house into a heated den for winter months. The wall-mount heater can heat up to 75 cubic square feet, so it's great for large dog houses and multiple pets. To save energy the heater only runs when needed, and it has rounded edges for safety.

Shop now: Hound Heater Akoma Dog House Furnace, $130;