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The Coziest Blankets for Endless Puppy Cuddles

These blankets aren’t just grandma’s old throws.
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Blankets: They're more than just a square of fabric! On the surface, it can feel like dog blankets are the kind of topic one could easily overthink. "Come on," you're probably thinking, "any old blanket will do!" And it's true, nobody is going to call you a bad pet parent if you let your pupper use the old knitted throw with a hole in one corner.

But what if your doggo is a digger? What if they spent a lot of time hopping in and out of water, or if they have separation anxiety or are afraid of loud noises? These are all situations where it becomes apparent that, while the perfect blanket may not be a requirement, it certainly can help make life better! Besides, sometimes you just want to spoil your dog, or get them a special "Gotcha Day" present. With that in mind, we've scoured the web and brought you a selection of our favorite blankets to fit any dog, lifestyle, or budget.

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FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Does your pup need a place to nap? Can't decide between a blanket or a bed? You don't have to! This bed from FurHaven combines the best of both worlds, with a soft, cushioned bed and an attached blanket. The bed also comes with a flexible hoop that can be run through the outer edge of the blanket and inserted into the sides of the bed, making a tent for your pup to burrow into.

Shop now: FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Orthopedic Dog Bed, starting at $23;

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Boots & Barkley Heather Fleece

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Plush on one side, heathered on the other, this super cozy fleece from Boots & Barkley is a great option for pups who like to wrap themselves up like little burritos. Fleece is a great option for keeping your pup warm on cold nights without being overly bulky, and this blanket is machine washable and light enough to take with you on bike rides and road trips without breaking your back OR your budget.

Shop now: Boots & Barkley Heather Fleece, $13;

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BuddyRest Soothe Anti-Anxiety Weighted Dog Blanket

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If you have ever had trouble sleeping and tried a weighted blanket, odds are you understand their incredible, comforting effects. Operating on exactly the same principles in your doggo's head, this weighted blanket from BuddyRest can help calm down anxious pups. Even if it's not used every day, this is a great option for dogs who experience anxiety during thunderstorms or fireworks on Independence Day and New Year's Eve.

Shop now: BuddyRest Soothe Weighted Blanket, starting at $50;

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PetFusion Microplush Quilted Dog & Cat Blanket

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Stylish, lightweight, and ultra soft, PetFusion's quilted blanket is a great option for folks who want a blanket that can blend in with their living room decor. Especially good for families who enjoy having Fido on the couch but don't want hair and dirt on their cushions, this microplush blanket is reversible, machine washable, comes in a variety of sizes, and looks great draped over a couch or plush chair.

Shop now: PetFusion quilted dog blanket, starting at $20;

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Carhartt Firm Duck Sherpa-Lined Camo Throw

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Ask any hunter, farmer, or outdoorsman you know, and they'll tell you that Carhartt is a name to trust in durable clothing and outerwear. Similarly, this Carhartt blanket is absolutely ideal for any dogs with active, outdoor lifestyles. Water repellant and made of the same duck canvas as Carhartt's coats and gloves, this blanket has reinforced edges, a warm sherpa lining and Carhartt's unbreakable reputation behind it.

Shop now: Carhartt Firm Duck Sherpa-Lined Camo Throw, $100;

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Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blankets

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These lightweight fleece blankets by Comsmart are great choices for families with multiple dogs or for people who want something light and inexpensive for a variety of uses. Great for lining kennels, taking on road trips, or even using as towels at the lake or after a bath, these blankets come in a variety of colors, are affordable enough that you won't be upset if one gets ruined, and they come in packs of six!

Shop now: Comsmart Paw Print Blankets (six pack), $23;

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Petacc Waterproof Dog Blanket

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What's just about the only thing better than a good blanket? An OVERSIZED blanket! The Petacc dog blanket comes in three sizes: 50"x40," 60"x50," and a whopper 80"x55!" They're also waterproof, reversible, and machine washable. Whether you like sharing a blanket with your pupper, have an oversized doggo looking to lounge, or just want to spoil the heck out of your little guy, it's hard to go wrong here.

Shop now: Petacc Waterproof Blanket, $29;

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Top Paw Puppy Month Milestone Blanket

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If you or someone you know has had a baby in the last few years, odds are good you've either taken or seen those monthly progress photos of babies laying on blankets proclaiming how many months old they are. Well, Top Paw asked why babies should get to have all the fun and produced a version just for your pup! The soft terry material looks like a baby blanket and comes with 12 months marked on one side. It even comes with a ring chew toy that can be used to circle each milestone for photos (unless your pup chews it up by the second month).

Shop now: Top Paw Puppy Month Milestone Blanket, $7;

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Pendleton Plaid Pet Throw and Bone Combo Set

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With color and pattern schemes based on vintage Pendleton tartans and plaids, these throws are equal parts stylish and cozy. Featuring a sherpa fabric on the reverse of their stunning tartan backs, these blankets also come paired with a bone toy in the same material and pattern, perfect for light play or nap time snuggles.

Shop now: Pendleton Plaid Pet Throw and Bone Combo Set, $53;


UniPaws Waterproof Pet Blanket

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Made specifically to pair nicely with UniPaws' dog playpen, this large blanket is great for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its durable construction and waterproof design. Protect your furniture from doggy drool and puppy accidents with this large reversible blanket that features plush fleece on one side and soft velvet on the other.

Shop now: UniPaws Waterproof Blanket, $42;

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Carolina Pet Quilt Microfiber & Cloud Sherpa Throw

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This 54"x43" throw is perfect for smaller dogs and puppies and comes in a classic, fashionable diamond quilted design. Made with a soft sherpa fleece on its reverse side, this blanket comes with a moisture barrier to help it resist stains and is machine washable as well.

Shop now: Carolina Microfiber & Sherpa Throw, $81;