dog eating out of a slow feeder
Credit: Brittany Jobe

This Slow Feeder for Large Dogs is Going Viral on TikTok for All the Right Reasons

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Have you ever been so excited to eat a meal that you absolutely inhale your plate and end up with a tummy ache afterward? No? Just me? Whether you can relate or not, your dog might be pretty familiar with speed eating. He hears the kibble scoop and it's game time—blinders on, tongue out, ready to demolish this meal. And although it tastes great, he may experience some painful effects after dinner is over.

Dogs, just like humans, need ample time to chew, swallow, and digest their food. At its most innocent, eating quickly can give your pup a tummy ache or gas. Harmless, but still uncomfy for everyone involved. At its worst, eating meals too quickly can lead to a scary condition called bloat. But there are a few ways to slow down your dog's mealtime, including this solution that's currently going viral on TikTok: the Northmate slow feeder dog bowl.

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Featured on the Daily Paws' TikTok account, the Northmate slow feeding bowl from Amazon is a great puzzle feeder to help slow down pups who eat too quickly. While we've shared about other slow feeder bowls and DIY ways to prevent gas and bloating, the Northmate is different because of it's much bigger than other bowls and has a grass-like design. These key differences are what makes it perfect for larger dogs—like the pooch in the video, adorable Hige! (However, if you want to try this product out for your smaller pup, it does come in a mini size.)

The design creates small obstacles for your pup to maneuver while trying to gobble their kibble, which in turn can help slow down his eating and digestion. This interactive feeder has thousands of positive reviews from recovering speed eaters. It only comes in green, but what it lacks in color options, it more than makes up for in functionality. As one reviewer puts it, "It's quite large and homely. And BRIGHT green. However—it does work." Can't argue with that!

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