This Giant Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Container Is The Best Gift We've Received Off Our Wedding Registry

No more stuffing a giant, spilling bag of dog food into our pantry.

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Simplehuman pet food container
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

In the months leading up to our recent wedding, my now-husband and I were thrilled to receive numerous gifts off our registry, from wine glasses to table lamps to candlesticks. Yet as lovely and helpful as those items have been, by far the best gift we've gotten from our registry is one that isn't even really about us, but our dog: a massive, 22-quart pet food storage container.

Made by simplehuman, the stainless steel container is, as said, enormous. It holds over 40 pounds of food, which is equivalent to about one and a half of those giant dog food bags. In the past, we've stored those bags in our pantry where they've taken up valuable space and threatened to spill over onto the floor. Now, though, we simply pour them into the container, where they stay fresh and neat thanks to the device's airtight seal.

As great as the size of the container is, though, that's not the only thing we love about it. It comes with a magnetic scoop mounted onto the lid that measures out to one cup, ideal for portioning out servings and way more convenient than searching around for a scoop every meal. There's also a large, lock-tight handle, which keeps the container inaccessible to hungry pets looking to get a snack or bonus dinner. And then, of course, there's the design of the container: shiny, brushed stainless steel with black edges, matching up perfectly with the rest of our kitchen appliances and accessories.

photo of the Simplehuman pet food storage that was reviewed filled with dog food
Courtesy of Rachel Simon

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Having the storage container in our home has made such a big difference in our dog's twice-daily meal schedule. Feeding her now takes just 30 seconds rather than several minutes of going back and forth between pantry and bowl (and another minute of finding wherever I last put the scoop). Plus, there are wheels on the back of the container, making it super simple to move it around the house as needed.

My husband and I are far from the only people obsessed with the container. On Amazon, where it boasts thousands of five-star ratings, shoppers praise everything from the air-tight latch to the fingerprint-proof stainless steel to the sleekness of the overall look. "This is a top notch, high quality, and well thought-out food can," wrote one buyer. "I haven't seen anything better out there."

If you're a pet owner looking to save yourself major hassle and add an attractive item to your home, you can pick up the container from Amazon for $140 for the XL size—like I have—or as low as $100 for the medium size. It's also available on the simplehuman site as well as on Bed Bath and Beyond and Lowe's. Trust me—you and your pets will be grateful for quicker and easier feeding from here on out.

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