dog eating from a Neater Eater
Credit: Courtesy of dailypaws / TikTok

This Genius Amazon Product Will Stop Your Dog's Messy Drinking

It's the invention you didn't know you needed.
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Maybe you're a loving parent to a bulldog or Saint Bernard who slobbers, or maybe your four-legged friend just doesn't hold back when it comes to dinnertime. Either way, you know the struggle of walking by your dog's feeding area and getting wet feet (or even worse—wet socks). A mat or towel under the dog bowls can help the sloppy situation, but not by much.

Enter Amazon's Neater Feeder. This raised dog feeder helps collect the food and water that would normally end up on the floor. No matter how much your dog sips and splashes, the Neater Feeder's vents will catch any excess water and gather it in the basin below to be dumped later. 

Designed specifically for sloppy dogs in mind, the elevated style of the feeder allows the wasted water to stay hidden underneath, so guests will never know how much of a messy drinker your dog is (and you won't step in water anymore!). Plus, the two stainless steel bowls are removable for easy filling and cleaning.

One Amazon reviewer says they'd give the product 10 stars if they could, saying their Weimaraner "drinks like no other dog I've ever seen: he hangs his upper jowls over the edge of the bowl and licks against the side. This makes an amazing mess as it sloshes over the side of the bowl." They go on to write that even though they'd used dog mats to protect their floors, the hardwood floors were still damaged from the moisture over time. After swapping out their standard food and water bowl with the Neater Feeder, they noticed a big difference as the bowl contains all of his water mess, since the bowl is flush with the base—leaving no "hanging jowls" over the sides. "There is absolutely no water from the bowl itself on the floor underneath (only from his face as he walks away but no bowl can stop that!). And the water that collects underneath just evaporates away so I don't worry about it filling and spilling over. Thank you Neater Feeder for helping to save my hardwoods!"

Not only does the device keep your floors looking clean, but the raised dog bowls might be able to help alleviate aches and pains from hunching over to take a drink or nibble their food. Bringing the bowls closer to their height could create a more comfortable eating posture, especially for senior dogs or those with a history of neck and back issues. And if you need to control the speed at which your pup is eating, try one of our DIY tricks for slowing down speed eaters.